Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills prepares for bike lanes on Santa Monica Blvd.


Bike lanes will soon appear on Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills as construction along the street continues.

During a study session on Feb. 6, City Council members listened to a staff presentation detailing plans to stripe the road with bike lanes. Once completed, the stretch of North Santa Monica Boulevard between Wilshire Boulevard and Doheny Drive will have two eastbound lanes, two westbound lanes, a center turn lane and bike lanes on each side.

The plan showed that the bike lanes would be separated from traffic lanes with a white line, with green markings at intersections for added safety, for an estimated cost of $35,000.

But Mayor Lili Bosse, along with council members Robert Wunderlich and John Mirisch, directed staff to paint the lanes green, which will triple the cost, according to staff, adding approximately $70,000 to the project. It will also require more maintenance.

“It makes no sense to me not to make the entire lane green,” Bosse said.

The degree to which bike lanes improve safety has been in dispute. Bike lanes are favored by cyclists but sometimes criticized by motorists who say they’re easy to overlook, and that they give cyclists a false sense of security.




Beverly Hills Approves Bike Lanes for Santa Monica Blvd



Last night the Beverly Hills City Council unanimously approved adding bike lanes to Santa Monica Boulevard. The new lanes are expected to be completed in mid-2018.

Better Bike‘s Mark Elliot describes the approval as ushering in a new era of connectivity: “We in Beverly Hills have conclusively put to rest the fictions that have long-driven our transportation planning: That we could remain an isolated suburb in the center of a sprawling urban region with serious mobility and quality-of-life challenges; and that we could cling tight to a 20th-century car culture even as we enter the second decade of the 21st century.”

The push for these bike lanes has taken many years, including several dashed hopes. The vote itself indicates new leadership on the council, led by pro-bicycling voices Mayor Lili Bosse and councilmember Robert Wunderlich, along with councilmember John Mirisch, who has a longer record of support for completing Beverly Hills streets. The approval is testament to the perseverance of a handful of bicycling advocates, including Mark Eliot, Kory Klem, Eric Bruins, Rich Hirschinger, Danielle Salomon, Sharon and Lou Ignarro, Barbara Linder, and Tish and Greg Laemmle.

Hirschinger described public testimony at last night’s council meeting as “39 were in favor, 3 opposed” with the opposition including two former mayors of Beverly Hills, one of whom stated that all the cyclists in favor of bike lanes were “professional cyclists.”

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