Want to tackle 10 of the steepest hills in L.A.? Feel My Legs, I’m a Racer #12 – Dec 17

10 hills, 10 stages and Los Angeles in a way you have never seen.

history: http://truelovehealth.com/category/feelmylegs/.

meet up at 730am, announcements at 8am, ride out by 815am.

No cars, motorcycles, scooters or any motorized vehicles along course for spectators, support or any reason (even if you are a super cool videographer). Everyone welcome on bike! Most people aren’t racing and are out to just challenge themselves by riding each hill. We wait at the top for everyone and then roll together to the next one.

The event is very spectator friendly if you’d like to ride along (you will be required to go up some of the hills).


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