Wahoo Elemnt Bolt review

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Aero GPS computer with excellent battery life and smartphone-friendly features

While Wahoo claims its new Elemnt Bolt GPS computer and sculpted mount are aerodynamically superior to the comparably sized Garmin Edge 520 and 820 with their respective mounts, the real selling points for me are the Bolt’s easy-but-robust functionality, compact size, killer battery life (triplethe Edge computers when using navigation, in my experience) and decent price.

  • Highs: Easy set up and on-the-fly adjustments to what you see on the screen; best-in-class battery life; easy-to-read screen; ANT+, Bluetooth and WiFi; aero design; competitive price
  • Lows: Black-and-white maps and navigation aren’t as robust as Garmin’s; can’t import workouts (yet); requires iPhone or Android smartphone for some set-up steps
  • Buy if: You want a full-featured (and aero!) GPS computer with excellent battery life that doesn’t cost the earth, and you aren’t married to Garmin

The Bolt has all the normal metrics and variations on speed, time, distance, power, heart rate, elevation, etc., plus integration with a host of devices, from your smartphone and WiFi to eTap and the Moxy oxygenation sensor.

The Elemnt Bolt offers turn-by-turn navigation, Strava Live Segments, Live Track and a feature called ‘take me anywhere’ where you use your phone to search out a destination while out on a ride and then the Elemnt Bolt guides you there.

The Elemnt Bolt is easily configured with a smartphone app (iPhone or Android). Instead of punching a slew of buttons on a computer, you just use your familiar phone to tap and drag which data you want where and in what order.


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