Tips: How to corner like Peter Sagan



Whether you’re flying down a mountain descent, winding through country lanes or diving through tight city streets, confidence and good cornering technique are essential for conserving energy, staying safe and gaining time on your mates.

While the pro peloton has more than its share of assured descenders, no one quite gains as much from the bends in the road as world champion Peter Sagan.

On any terrain, the man who has won the Tour’s green jersey in each of the last five editions knows how to put his rivals to the sword.

1. Take control

Sagan can dominate the most aggressive races by hitting the front ahead of corners, enabling him to take control of his own lines and speed. If you have a regular route you ride with friends, get to know the corners and where they are to give yourself an advantage.


2. Hold your speed

The central idea when it comes to cornering is not to slow down as much as everybody else into the corner, and therefore not have to speed up as much as everyone else out of it. Key to that is being able to control your line, which is why Sagan always makes a point of leading through corners.


3. Keep the front end grounded

Through the corner Sagan keeps his centre of gravity low to aid balance, with his weight focused over the front wheel spindle to keep the front end grounded. If you feel your back wheel slipping you can often correct it and stay upright, but if the front wheel goes… that’s when teeth can meet tarmac.


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