Rudy Project

New helmets and glasses for the Rudy Project 2018



Rudy Project is one of the biggest when it comes to road glasses and helmets, and up until now its mountain bike offerings have been more of a token gesture, such as its detachable peak that comes with some of its more modestly priced helmets. Now it’s debuted the all-new Protera, and as a first crack at a mountain bike specific lid it looks like a pretty decent effort.

The shape is pretty compact compared to most and it has combination of mixed density EPS foam and a triple in-mould construction. The twin sections of the hard shell are moulded directly into the EPS core, which helps keep the weight down to 353g for a size large — certainly at the lower end of the scale for a trail lid. The temple shaping is designed to be goggle compatible.

Internally, the Protera comes fitted with a one-piece pad with built-in bug netting, but if you prefer a more open feel a set of open pads are included.

Rudy tells us that the Protera features an innovative integrated Airframe structure to both sets of pads which is engineered to minimize the sweating process inside the helmet. This is thanks to a Dry Foam and X-Static antibacterial textile; the foam doesn’t absorb the sweat and the fabric quickly dries it.

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