LA River Bike Path

How will city spend $1 million to improve safety along the L.A. River path?



The beleaguered Los Angeles River Shared Path for pedestrians and bikes is getting some long-due good news in the form of $1 million from the city.

But it’s not yet clear how that money will halt years of tension as well as collisions between bikes and pedestrians.

The recent budget that passed through the City Council included $1 million for improving pedestrian and bicycle safety along the path, with the goal of reducing conflict between pedestrians and recreational cyclists. But city representatives are still working out how they’ll do that.

“We are currently forming a working group of neighbors and City staff to inform the process,” a statement from the Council Office for District 13 said.


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The LA River Bike Path Reopens

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Los Angeles District, issued a task order September 1, 2016 under an existing contract to BJD Services, for strategic in-channel, non-native vegetation, trash and debris removal in the Los Angeles River for work in the area adjacent to Elysian Valley between Fletcher Drive and Riverside Drive (at I-110). Work was initiated on September 19, 2016. The primary focus of the work is to manage by hand removal the largest strands of continuous non-native vegetation in the Los Angeles River. Initial work has been completed. As such, the LAR bike path will re-open weekdays beginning Wednesday, March 15, 2017. The current status of our efforts includes removal of approximately 12,192 cubic yards of non-native vegetation and 3,048 cubic yards of trash and debris from the area.

The Corps’ contractor will continue to perform monthly maintenance within reaches 5C, 6A, and 6B through September 2017. This work does not require additional bike path closures.

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LA River bike path closed through Memorial Day

LADOT reports the Army Corps of Engineers plans to keep the flood control closure in place through the Griffith Park, Silverlake and Atwater Village areas at least through Memorial Day. And possibly longer if El Niño persists.