How to keep riding once you have kids



Becoming a father for the first time is an undoubtedly life-altering experience. Most that have been there will tell you it’s the proudest achievement of their life, that little comes close to the feeling of helping a child find their way in the world.

Of course, becoming a parent comes with a set of significant challenges. Reduced independence, sleep deprivation, reduced personal time — all factors that can make it hard to stay commited to the life of a dedicated cyclist.

But as Nathan Hosking writes about his first year as a father, it’s not impossible to stay fit and active while maintaining your responsibilities as a parent.

It was a slow February afternoon in the manchester department of my local Myer store when the words hit me. “I’m pregnant”, said my wife. A momentary of high elation was followed by an equal moment of apprehension as my mind calculated the due date. I’d been training hard for three months towards my personal Everest: the Gran Fondo World Champs in Perth, September 2016. “But that’s just six weeks before the champs!,” I thought to myself. I couldn’t help it, I’d been training so hard!


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