Some Great Gifts Under $100

Top Socks

Just a decade ago, cycling purists were protesting the move toward black socks. And now? There’s no easier way to add style to your ride than wrapping your ankles with chevron stripes, ideally executed in contrasting colors. We’ve found the six-inch cuff to be just the right billboard for your fashion statement. (Oh, and, you know, look for Lycra-nylon compression blends and wicking knits and all that stuff.)


Handlebar Mustache

Mad Alchemy

The Athletic



Service Course Wash Kit


The Service Course Wash Kit provides an all-in-one system for quick and painless washes so you can get back to riding your bike and getting it dirty all over again. The Wash Kit’s Tampico-bristled brushes are made with natural fibers that won’t smear grease and grit all over your bike.


HipLok D


Bike thieves beware. The Hiplok D isn’t just another candy-from-a-baby lock that leaves bikes vulnerable outside the office or bar. This 1,000-gram, hardened steel lock is rated “high risk” for sketchy alleys or dark city streets. With clips on the back, the Hiplok D hooks onto your belt for a convenient, hands-free transport.




$28 (pack of three)

It’s the perfect white elephant gift for your cycling holiday party. Turbine’s sports breathing technology is sure to get some laughs, and hey, it might just make you faster next season. Out-performing nasal strips, the Turbine, which is inserted into the nose, helps open each nostril for a claimed 38 percent increase of airflow. In all fairness, Chris Froome did wear one in the 2015 Tour. Which he won.


Nutcase Helluva Houndstooth Helmet


Houndstooth. On a helmet. Enough said.


Club Ride New West jersey

Leave the superhero Lycra at home and shred your happy-hour spin after work in Club Ride’s New West jersey. It’s lightweight with a comfortable cut for easy spins and sprints to the bar. The underarm and side panel mesh vents provide plenty of airflow to keep things dry so an après beer doesn’t mean changing shirts in the parking lot.


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