If  you lost control of, fallen off or crashed your bicycle it may not have been a simple accident.   If you were hurt in an accident caused by a recalled part you may be entitled to compensation. Accidents caused defective bicycle forks, petals, handlebars, frames or seat posts are more common than you might think. Even though you may be an experienced cyclist you may not recognize a defective part. It is very important to stay current on all recalled bikes and parts to prevent an accident from happening.

Here is an alphabetical list of recalled bikes and bike related items, along with a link to contact the appropriate party.

If you have one of these items and have been hurt by it’s defect contact us to see if you have a claim against that company.

Recalled Items:

2011 model year bicycles made with Advanced Group carbon forks  — distributed by Specialized Bicycle Components Inc.-August 2011

Adams Trail-a-Bike – January 2005

American Classic wheels – August 2005
ARC lithium ion bicycle light batteries – October 2006
Cannondale 2007 road bikes – January 2007
Cannondale seat posts – February 2005
Cervelo carbon fiber frames – September 2006
Diminsion handlebar stems – May 2005
Dynacraft bicycles – March 2007
Felt mountain bikes – July 2006
Giant Cypress and Sedona model bikes – August 2005
Harley-Davidson 16-inch BXX bikes – September 2005
M2Racer headsets – July 2006
Mirraco BMX bicycles – February 2007
Nashbar bike trailers – June 2005
Nashbar Bike Trainer – March 2006

 “NEXT”-branded men’s 26-inch hybrid bicycles-September 2011
Novara Dirt Rider kid’s bike – December 2005
Performance Travel Trac Trainer – March 2006
Ritchey wheels – August 2005
Rolf Prima wheels – July 2005
Roark titanium bike frames – March 2005
Shimano quick-release skewers - July 2006
Specialized carbon stem with magnesium faceplateJune 2006
SRAM caliper brakes – April 2007
Syntace USA handlebar stems – January 2006
Time Sport clipless pedals – October 2006
Torrelli tires – August 2005

If you have one of these items and have been hurt by it’s defect contact us to see if you have a claim against that company. 

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