Pasadena Proposes ‘Stops’ to Rose Bowl Loop Use


The City of Pasadena has recommended the installation of 3 ‘Stop’ Signs to the Rose Bowl Loop (hereafter the ‘loop’), according to a November 9, 2017 presentation by Pasadena Transportation Department staff to the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission. Citing “increased use of the recreation loop by various groups, concern for pedestrian and bicycle safety, recent injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists as a result of collisions, and claims against the City”, City staff outlined a plan to implement the changes at some point during the first quarter of 2018.

One of the most popular and well-known areas to walk, bike, run, and skate in the region, the Rose Bowl Loop draws thousands of people attracted by the opportunity to exercise, train and recreate in the relative safety of its 5km oval around Brookside Golf Course along West Drive, Washington Blvd, Rosemont Ave, and Seco St.

However, due to recent collisions between people on bikes and on foot, City staff has floated several different options to stop traffic. The first option would add stop signs to the southeast, southwest, and northwest corners of the loop (3 total). A second option would remove right-turning yield lanes from the southeast and southwest corners of the loop, directing automobiles to existing stop signs, and add a stop sign to the northwest corner of the loop at West Dr. and W. Washington Blvd. If implemented in 2018, either scenario would add the first stop sign to the loop in over two decades, according to local sources.

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