New Documentary Explores What It Means to Be a MAMIL



The film shows how “middle-aged men in Lycra” get into cycling, and why they would embrace the label

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or you’re new to the sport, there’s a good chance you’ve come across MAMILs.

The term, short for “middle-aged men in Lycra,” doesn’t refer to career cyclists; rather, it refers to men of various skill and experience levels who seem like career cyclists. They have all the top gear, the flashiest clothes, and fully loaded bikes. They’re out early in the morning and late at night. Some fly solo while others ride in large groups. And they all tend to don the eye-catching elastic uniform behind the acronym.

Countless films have explored cycling as a professional sport, and the athletes that excel within it. But MAMIL, a new documentary out of Australia, offers a fresh perspective by introducing us to the everyday dads (and other men) who happen to be cycling diehards. In the process, it examines masculinity and male bonding in the context of the sport, and shows why people may come together to proudly embrace the label.

“We know we look bloody stupid,” one interviewee says in the film’s trailer. “We’re just weekend warriors trying to set our own best times and challenge each other.”


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