Los Angeles Marathon Crash Ride 2017

Let’s ride the LA Marathon route. In preparation for the event, streets along the route are closed off to traffic starting at 3 am. This means that the majority of the route will be car free till 6 am when the event starts and people are asked to get out of the way.

Official marathon route: http://www.lamarathon.com/event-info/the-course/course-map

This event is a feeder ride to the route, starting at Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights and ending in Santa Monica. If anyone wants to be part of this ride, there are a few things to take into consideration:

* We won’t be doing the full 26-mile route of the marathon, we’ll be riding between 20 to 30 miles total getting to the route, the breakfast spot, and the Santa Monica train station to head back home.

* The group will be meeting up and riding out from Boyle Heights to the marathon route, but once there, the group will break up since everyone will be riding at different paces. Feel free to go as fast or as slow as you want, but know that you will be removed from the route at 6 am by the police.

* Make sure your bike is in riding condition and that you have any and all tools to fix a flat tire or make adjustments to your bike. The route varies in inclination levels, so be sure to double check your gears, breaks, tires etc.

* Bring 1 or 2 extra inner tubes, a bike pump, and any tools your bike might specifically need. Make yourself visible and have your lights on, both front and rear. There will be other folks with tools and extra inner tubes, but don’t rely on anyone else. Come prepared.

* We’ll be catching the route over on Sunset and Fig, avoiding a steep hill and some circling. Some of us will be riding directly to the breakfast spot, Rae’s Restaurant to beat the rush. After eating, we’ll be riding as a group to the Santa Monica Train station to head back home.

* There might be other riders on the route, so be mindful of others around you, call out hazards, your signals etc.

* Don’t forget to bring anything else you might need for this ride, water bottle, cash, tap card, phone charger etc. Everyone will be responsible for themselves and/or for the group, they’re riding with.

* It will be cold, so make sure you are layered up and in comfortable clothes that won’t impede your riding.


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