The Los Angeles Bicycle Festival

As much as we’d love to pretend otherwise, not everybody loves bicycles. But everybody does love celebrating, especially when the festivities involve art, music, food, and a beer garden. This the aim behind the upcoming Los Angeles Bicycle Festival, which will be transforming the car-enamored city into a bicycle paradise with one day of art, DJs, demos, workshops, vendors, food, and a beer garden. The festival is designed to entertain, educate people about bicycling, and connect the cycling community to the wider population of Los Angeles.

Taking place on Sunday May 08, 2016, the Bicycle Festival will function like a two-wheeled “Bicycle Disneyland.” Attendees can explore MTB-land, LA Bike City, Roadland, e-Bikeland and the Kid’s Bike Village, while popping in for refreshments at the beer garden or one of the many popular food trucks.

The festival is hosted by the Bicycle Culture Institute, a non-profit organization whose mission is to unite, mentor, and raise awareness for groups working to advance the cycling. It is designed to engage the wider community with bikes by breaking down many of the most common barriers to cycling in a format that is accessible, practical, and fun. Scheduled workshops include everything from Bike Commuting 101 to Legal Rights for Cyclists to How to Ride in Heels or a Suit.

Speakers, artists, and vendors are diverse enough to attract many of Los Angeles’ existing cycling communities, while encouraging them to bring their friends and family along for the ride. Los Angeles has an enviable climate for year-round cycling, but unfortunately only has a cycle commuter rate of 1%. The festival is drawing on the support of Los Angeles’ current cycling community to bring bikes to the mainstream.

Since the festival will be taking place on Mother’s Day, the organizers are tying in Cyclofemme rides from all over the city to the festival at the steps of City Hall.

The Los Angeles Bicycle Festival is set to take place at Grand Park at 221 N Broadway Avenue, from 10am to 7pm. Tickets range from $10 – $55, and can be purchased in advance from the LA Bike Fest’s Kickstarter page, where you can also get fun gifts such as temporary tattoos and tote bags in the image of the festival map. Visit the Facebook page for more information, and contact Nona Varnado if you have any questions, or to learn about vendor and sponsorship opportunities.

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