iLumaware Shield TL – Radar technology for bicycle

About this project

The Shield TL is a rear tail light for your bicycle and will help make every ride safer, day or night!

What makes it better than the tail light you already have?  It is NOT just a tail light. The Shield TL includes a patent pending technology that makes a you visible to cars equipped with radar at a distance of more than 195 meters (that is more than 2 football fields!!). This is NOT a technology available in other cycling products you can buy.

How does it work?  The Shield TL includes OTR Technology. The technology amplifies your signal (making you more visible) to a car’s’ radar at a much greater distance than if you are riding without it.

How much more visible are you with a Shield TL on your bike?  Regardless the time of day you are riding, the Shield TL  increases your radar presence by more than 100% which dramatically increases the distance you become visible to cars equipped with radar.




Why is your radar presence important?  Because typically objects that have a radar presence measuring +5dB or more are visible to a car’s radar at a range of 75 meters or more (the equivalent of almost 1 football field). In most scenarios, visibility at this distance would give a car and/or driver enough distance/time to stop the car completely and/or avoid a potential collision.

Without OTR Technology you typically measure -2db or less.  Objects that have a radar presence of +0dB or less are typically visible to a car’s radar at a range between 45-60 meters (less 1/2 a football field).  This drastically impacts how much time a car and/or driver needs to stop the car and/or avoid the collision. Below is a graph outlining the distance and time needed to stop a car if an object becomes visible to a car and the driver at 45 meters.


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