How To Ruin Your Claim

You have been hurt while riding your bike and you think you might be entitled to recover some money to get your bike fixed, pay medical bills etc. There are a few things that you can do to RUIN YOUR CLAIM.

1. Fudging the Facts

You may be tempted to exaggerate your injuries, downplay your role in the accident, or just plain not tell the truth. While it may seem like this can help your case it will do just the opposite. Fudging on the facts will always come back to bite you and possibly even ruin your entire claim. So when talking to the police or your attorney always “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

2. Negotiate with the Insurance Company Yourself

When the insurance company calls you they are not your friend, no matter how friendly they are. These companies hire the big guns to try and get you to discredit your story, minimize the other parties role in the accident, and mostly to get you to take the least amount of money for a settlement as possible. Anything you tell them on the phone or in person, they can use against you in your case. These people are skilled and make big money by taking yours away. Your best bet NOT TO TALK TO THEM. Hire us and tell them to talk to your attorney! 

3. Not Taking Care of Yourself

It may seem like your injuries are minor. You may not have time to go to appointments. You might think that you will just get better on your own, but taking good care of your injuries is vital to your case. Injuries can worsen in the hours and days after an accident. It is very difficult for a regular person to evaluate the extent of injuries, especially head injuries. These can be serious or even life-threatning but feel like no big deal. Seek good medical attention and make your health a priority after your injury. Not doing so could cause the insurance company and judge to believe you were not actually hurt and ruin your claim!

4. Not Hiring a Good Personal Injury Attorney

Legal matters are very complicated. There are forms, deadlines and language that must be met and accurate or your claim will be void. The system is difficult to navigate and without an experienced guide you will get lost. With all that you are dealing with in recovery handling investigations, police reports, filings, depositions and filing fees are the last thing you want to do. Hiring a good attorney is your best chance at getting your life back.

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