Great tips from CX Magazine – Why your auto parts store is worth a visit.


Make no mistake about it, an auto parts store can’t replace your local bicycle shop in its life-saving ability when you break a part the day before a race, and local bike shops need your support to be there when you need them the most. However, most bike shops aren’t stocked with all the items a home mechanic might need for a complicated project or pro setup. And while hardware stores carry some of these items, the selection is actually often more limited.

Sometimes it’s even a matter of convenience, as there’s more likely to be an auto parts store close by than a Home Depot, and there are more O’Reily, Napa or Advance Auto Parts locations than True Value or Ace Hardware franchises. And these stores tend to be open for extended hours, long after a bike shop has closed.

So roll up those sleeves, your roll-top backpack and your two wheels up to your local neighborhood auto parts store with some off our staff’s shopping suggestions below. You’ll be sure to get some staff attention in one way or another as the only grease monkey in lycra.

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