GoPro Hero 5 release date, price, specs and features

From 8K resolution to bags of battery life, we round up all the rumors.

Touted as the “most connected and convenient” action camera ever made, GoPro’s Hero5 promises to capture and share better footage than ever before – something many cyclists are excited about. But what’s the release date, price, and what specs will it have? Read on for our round-up of all the rumors so far…

Some of the best info comes from GoPro’s CEO Nick Woodman, who’s said that a “more refined” user experience will make its way into the Hero line, and that plans are afoot to “do a better job of connecting to smartphones and the cloud”.

So while he didn’t actually confirm that it will be controlled via a separate smartphone app, like the cube-shaped GoPro Hero 4 Session, that does sound likely.

GoPro 5
GoPro Hero 5: models

At this stage there’s precious little information on what models will be included in the Hero 5 line-up. Going on the current Hero 4 range, there could be multiple models, including a touchscreen-enabled Hero 5 Silver, and a top-of-the-range Hero 5 Black, but we just don’t know yet.

Ditto the GoPro Hero Session – will this be updated to the Hero Session 2? We’d guess that this remains in the GoPro range as their more affordable, simpler model. Though with so many numbers involved, it would start to look a bit complicated.

First things first, when does the Hero 5 go on sale? Well, it was originally slated to launch in October 2015, but that date’s come and gone. Then it was expected to arrive in the first half of 2016, but that doesn’t look likely now either. The latest estimates are that it will arrive in October 2015, almost certainly after GoPro’s Karma drone has launched.

GoPro Hero 5: price

The Hero 5 price is widely predicted to be in the ballpark of $450-550. That places it well above the Hero 4 Session, which had its price slashed to $199 after sales were slower than expected, and around the same price as the Hero 4 Black at $499. It would also be above the Hero 4 Silver at $399.

GoPro Hero 5: battery life

Run time is a key factor in how well the Hero 5 sells – inevitably, customers want to be able to film for multiple hours at maximum resolution, with a tiny device. The Hero 5 is rumoured to feature a 2,800mHa battery, which might be able to power it for 2hrs on a single charge even if reports are correct that it can film at 8K resolution.

This compares to a claimed 1:05hrs runtime for the Hero 4 Black (1160mAH battery) at full 4K resolution with WiFi turned off, or 1:55hrs runtime for the Hero 4 Session (1000mAH battery) at full 1440p 30fps resolution with the WiFi turned off. Let’s hope it has a user-replaceable battery like the Hero 4, rather than a built-in unit like the Hero 4 Session.

GoPro Hero 5: specs and features

A huge factor in how long the battery lasts is what resolution the Hero 5 can film in, and how many extra features it has. In terms of image quality, it will certainly at least match the Hero 4’s 4K resolution (3840×2160) at 30 frames per second, and many people believe it could shoot in 8K (7680×4320) at 60 fps.

However, given the GoPro CEO recently stated that their focus is on making a refined user experience that’s simple and efficient (see above), it seems unlikely that the Hero 5 will have lots of extra tricks up its sleeve like GPS or altimeters, which would certainly affect battery life.