Fight Against Distracted Driving

After the tragic death of her husband Milt – Louise Olin acts to End Distracted Driving

In late October 2016, I spoke to 400 local LA high school students about the dangers of Distracted Driving. The room went silent as I told the story of a how my husband, Milt Olin was killed by a Distracted Driver. When I revealed to the students that the Distracted Driver was an on-duty LA County Sheriff Deputy, there was an audible gasp in the auditorium.


This message is vital to saving lives

Almost 3 years later, with the creation of the Milt Olin Foundation I am committed to building a movement to stop this deadly epidemic. This tragedy changed my life and my two son’s lives forever.  As I struggle through my days without Milt – the beloved, dynamic epicenter of my family, I find meaning and purpose in sharing my story.  It helps people to understand how a few seconds of distraction can make the difference between life and death.


We are all vulnerable to the misbehaviors of a Distracted Driver

The #HandsOff Movement unites cyclists, pedestrians, passengers, and drivers in a way that can make a difference in changing dangerous driving habits caused by the addiction to our mobile phones.


Distracted Driving is everyone’s concern

It’s imperative that we all join the Movement Against Distracted Driving to make our roads safer so others don’t have to lose their lives or be injured by the thoughtlessness of a Distracted Driver.


How you can Help

We need your donation to continue building on the #HandsOff Movement today, here on GoFundMe!

Your donation will immediately go towards programs to grow the #HandsOff movement to end Distracted Driving which are highlighted in our video. Please join the #HandsOff Movement with your donation & support?



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