Cycling Jacket Shines At Night


Shine bright on dark rides wearing an ultra-high-vis jacket with lights and complete fabric reflectivity.

Nighttime visibility is a constant concern for cyclists. Riders can employ strobes, high-lumen head- and taillights, reflective decals, even animated LED wheels.

Each of these has two drawbacks: 1) They illuminate parts of the bike, not the rider; and 2) They’re dependent on line-of-sight (only shine one direction).

Showers Pass released a waterproof cycling jacket that tears the doors off of biker visibility. The High-Vis Torch is a waterproof, vented cycling jacket that has an impressive three-prong approach to keeping cyclists safe.

  1. High-vis yellow paneling for daytime visibility.
  2. Four removable, multi-function LED lights along the cuffs and rear hem.
  3. Fully reflective coating on the front, rear, and sleeves.

In short: It is the most eye-catching piece of cycling apparel I’ve ever seen or worn. It blocks rain and wind as advertised, and provides a solid shell for winter bike layering. Its cost ($325) and weight (1 lb. 7 oz.) mean it’s for commuters who place a premium on safety and don’t mind paying extra for it.