The Collector: Robin Williams

Beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams was an ardent cyclist and fierce advocate for people with disabilities. This auction honors his passions. Bid on a selection of favorites from Williams’s personal bicycle collection, donated by his children, in support of the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.


The name “Robin Williams” still makes us smile. This is befitting for a man who loved to make people laugh. But it wasn’t just his singular comedic genius that brought joy to the world, but also his fierce advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities. The lesser-known sides of Robin Williams—the athlete, the bike nerd, the activist—were all tied to his love of cycling. Williams collected bikes, lots of them. Some bikes were custom-made and some were bought spontaneously off the rack.


He admired his bicycles as design objects and marvels of engineering, liked to discuss gear minutiae with fellow nerds, but most of all he loved to get into his famously colorful spandex outfits and take off for hours at a time. His family and friends fondly remember his apparent joy every time he got on a bike. Robin cherished the meditative aspect of the rides, the alone time, and the opportunity to move around anonymously without having to interact.


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