Breathless Agony Ride Saturday, May 7

Are you ready to test yourself on the Toughest Century in Southern California?

If you can complete all 4 Passes with 114 Miles and 12,000 Feet of Climbing, you will qualify to purchase the special Breathless Agony Century Jersey.

Rider Limit
This year we will be limiting the number of riders to 600. There is no day-of-ride registration. This ride is becoming more popular and we are forecasting that it will sell out quickly. Register early to assure yourself a place.

King of the Mountains Century Challenge
If you can complete the 4 Pass Option of the Breathless Agony Century, you may then go on to qualify for the King of the Mountains Century Challenge at

The Breathless Agony Century is honored to be Stage 2 of the 3 Stages in the King of the Mountains Century Challenge.

Will this ride be held if it rains or snows?

Yes, the Breathless Agony Ride will be held whether it rains or shines. There are NO REFUNDS. It might even be snowing between Angelus Oaks and Onyx Summit — the ride will be continue anyway (but we would not recommend you continuing unless you are extremely well prepared).

What are the Start Times?
Please arrive early and be prepared to start between 6:30 A.M. and 7:00 A.M. You can start earlier than 6:30 A.M. as long as you checkout with the timekeeper but this may result in you arriving at the First Rest Stop before it is open.

Will the Course be closed to traffic?
This course will not be closed to traffic and will not have police patrolling the roads and intersections. The road surface conditions will be “terrible to excellent” depending on weather conditions prior to the ride. Traffic regulations must be adhered to at all times: Safety is our most important issue.

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