Biking is good for business

From TheSource.Metro.Net

Two local cities — Glendora and South Pasadena — are trying something novel: a Bicycle Friendly Business District pilot project to encourage more people to bike to local shops. The idea is get businesses involved in adding more bike amenities that, in turn, will help attract more customers to their stores. The following looks at why being bike-friendly is, in fact, good business. 

It’s no secret that we’re bike advocates at Metro. We are true believers that bikes are a viable way to get around our region and that bike infrastructure provides a variety of benefits ranging from affordability to less pollution.

However, in the era of Alternative Facts it’s more important than ever to advocate for our plans by working with good ol’ fashioned data — as Metro’s Measure M is going to be supplying billions of dollars for walking and biking improvements in the coming years. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite studies to talk about an issue where perceptions and reality sometimes fail to meet: bikes and businesses.

In cities and dense urban environments, businesses sometimes oppose changes to streets that would improve walking and biking access and safety because these changes occasionally require a loss of some parking spaces. Business owners view parking spaces as an important way for customers to access their stores and the thinking goes that if you reduce parking availability, a drop in sales will follow.


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