Bike safety gizmo looks like it’s straight outta Star Wars


Safety-conscious cyclists could get themselves a separate tail light, brake light, turn indicator systemrear-view camera and crash detector … or they could soon get all of those things in one device, in the form of the Hexagon. Not only does it pack several features into one gadget, but it also looks a lot like Darth Vader’s TIE fighter.

The Hexagon is attached to the bike’s seatpost via an included quick-release mount. Its back-facing 1080p/30fps HD camera uses Wi-Fi to transmit real-time video to a display on the user’s handlebar-mounted smartphone. The rider can view that display as they would a rearview mirror, plus they can record the video on the Hexagon’s SD card, or they can livestream it via an accompanying app.

That app can additionally be used to track speed, calories burned, and distance travelled.

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