Bike Helmet Rundown

The US government makes sure that every bicycle helmet sold in the United States of America meets strict requirement. They must pass stringent safety tests and prove beyond any doubt that they can help keep you safe during a crash should you ever have one. So in the event of a bike accident the head at least is protected.  But since riding your bike is a pleasurable experience as well as a practical necessity for some people, helmets are more than just a thing you put on your head. People want comfort, they want superb styling, they want an accessory that can first keep them safe. But also look good and be a joy to wear. And you don’t want to look like a dork. But most of all they are to prevent injury in the event of a bicycle accident.


So what makes a good bicycle helmet? Is price an important deciding factor? Do manufacturers have certain advantages over others.

1: Specialized S3 

This is one of the best of the market, it has a very distinctive vertical vent across the back and cool forehead grille. This gives the helmet a really high “cool” factor and will make people envious of its design. It’s also very light coming in at under 243 grams. The straps are extremely innovative too, instead of the usual under the chin buckle, the helmet has a new three way splitter. Alongside ultra thin strap this give sit a great look and is very simple to fit on any head. In fact its all down to a simple dial.  Testers also said that the ventilation on hot days was excellent so you need not worry about that either. Price: $150

2: Giro Atmos

This cool looking favourite is a big hit with those who have unusual or oval shaped heads. It sits much higher than some other helmets and so can be fit onto pretty much anyone’s head. It has the patented RocLoc 5 retention system means that you simply click your way through the settings until the helmet is snug. And that’s all there is to it. It also has a really sweet carbon fibre layer making it look space age and way more expensive than it actually is.  Price: $180

3: Louis Garneau Quartz

The Louis is light and comfortable and looks really stylish die to its European design. It vanishes when you slip it on and so is thought to be one of the most comfortable helmets around. The patented Spiderlock system wasn’t a hit with people at first. But customers soon grew to love it and now the idea of having the chin and behind the ear straps connected, is a huge hit.  Price: $140


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