Bicycle Safety Checklist

Riding a bike is fun, it saves on pollution and helps you get fit too. Most of the time it is a fun experience but you cannot ignore the cycling accident rate, and its increase. Now some of that is due to the higher amount of cycles on the road; its a numbers game.

Then maybe some of that statistic is due to people buying a cycle in California, jumping on and riding off into the sunset. There are many road safety courses you can take before setting off on your cycling journey in Los Angeles; although there are some more practical checks you can undertake.

Cycling Safety Tips

Here are five super smart tips to riding safely and avoiding an accident.

1. Reflectors
Fit reflectors to the spokes of your wheels, these will save your life in more ways than one. Especially useful when cars are coming from the side where your lights may not be visible, the rotating reflecting discs are a must have to prevent evening side swipes.

2. Tire Pressure

Check your tires are inflated correctly. A decent foot pump will have a pressure gauge on it. Most bike tires are around 35psi but you can find the correct pressure written on the side wall of the tire itself. If the tire is excessively worn or has flat spots (usually from locking the wheels during heavy breaking) you should change it right away.

3. Lights
It goes without saying that having lights on a dark California road is a no brainer. Buy the best lights you can afford, they will last longer and use less battery life, you can even buy solar powered lights that you can charge while you ride in the day, then use at night.

4. Seat Height
Assuming correct sea height position is vital to bike safety and will help provide bike accidents. Many people have stopped a bike, then fallen from a standstill as they find they cannot reach the floor. Adjust your seat so that you can place the ball of each foot firmly in the ground whilst seated.

5. Brakes
Make sure your brakes work. Sounds obvious but there is a real danger in getting half way down the road and then realizing your brakes are shot. Check the cables for tension, and remove any grease or contaminants that could stop your brakes working correctly.

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