Bicycle riders, how do you share the road with buses? Take our survey

To people who ride bikes in Los Angeles County: we want feedback and “real world” insights on your experience sharing the road with buses.

Metro is conducting a study (the link is below) that will develop design guidelines for the safety and comfort of people riding bicycles, while also considering bus operational efficiency and the concerns of bus operators for safely sharing county streets.

The study specifically looks at how street markings, signs, and bike lane designs affect the safety and comfort for bicycle riders. Metro’s survey will ask you to evaluate and share your experience with both specific bike facilities in L.A. County and conceptual designs that may not be in widespread use here. It also delves into specific interactions you might have with buses as you ride down the street, and how those interactions affect the choices you make about riding a bicycle.

In addition to this survey, the project includes gathering feedback from the bus operators themselves and from the planners and engineers who design bike facilities around L.A. County. Metro will also be reviewing worldwide guidance and designs, and collecting data from before and after many bikeways were installed in the county. With this comprehensive outreach and data analysis, Metro will develop design guidelines that cities and agencies around the County can use to design bike facilities that are safer for everyone and that accommodate the needs of Metro and other bus agencies.

The study will also develop recommendations on education and training for bus operators as well as people who ride bicycles. The study is anticipated to be completed by late summer 2017.

The survey does not focus on bike racks on buses, bike parking or bringing bikes onto buses. Bicycling law and enforcement issues are also outside the scope of Metro’s study, but the study can provide the data analysis to help inform future decision-making on this subject.

If you ride the streets of L.A. County, please share your personal experiences via a short, 10-minute survey and be entered for a chance to win an iPad or one of three Metro Bike Prize Packs!  Take the survey here: