Grizzly 100 / Big Bear MTB Gran Fondo – Sept 30

The Big Bear MTB Gran Fondo ride offers five different mountain bike routes to fit intermediate to expert riders. From the tame 20k Skyview which takes you up the Snow Summit Scenic Sky Chair to the 50k Skyline course, you’ll enjoy the best riding that Big Bear has to offer. If you’re looking for more challenge and adventure, check out the Grizzly 100 or 75k Over the Top options!

The Grizzly 100 / Over the Top 75k course offers epic technical riding and nearly 10,000 feet of climbing on some of Southern California’s best single track right in the heart of the San Bernardino mountains. This race draws some of the top mountain bikers from around the world, including former Olympian Tinker Juarez, and La Ruta de los Conquistadores race director, Roman Urbina. This event is also the finale of the National Ultra Endurance race series. Riders may choose to ride the 100k or 75k in gran fondo style, taking time to enjoy the themed aid stations and scenery along the way.

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Burbank’s bicycle corrals are a hit with riders


Soon, there might be more bicycle corrals installed around Burbank as the fixtures are proving to be popular with residents who ride bikes in the city.

The City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to continue its bicycle-corral pilot program in Magnolia Park until February and to have city staff continue looking at the advantages and disadvantages of having on-street bicycle parking.

David Kriske, Burbank’s assistant community development director of transportation, told council members that the bicycle corral in front of Tony’s Darts Away at 1710 W. Magnolia Blvd. was installed this past February and had been utilized by the restaurant’s patrons on a frequent basis.

Although the corral takes up one parking space on the curb in front of the restaurant, Kriske said it can hold about 14 bicycles.

“Bicycle corrals can provide significant bicycle parking capacity while preserving the sidewalk for other uses, such as outdoor dining or expanded pedestrian access,” Kriske said. “In certain instances, bicycle corrals can provide overall parking alternatives for constrained vehicle parking in the same area.”

However, Kriske added there are still days when there are just a few bicycles or no bikes at all utilizing the corral.

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Peloton feature on local Crit Champ Justin Williams


The frantic fight for a wheel can have consequences—especially in the closing moments of a technical criterium with a five-figure purse—and in this case No. 99 wound up careening into a curb and then a fence and then a tree. The gap closed and the race continued without a pause. The finish banner was in sight.

Williams describes the final 200 meters of a race as if it happens in slow motion. “With maybe a lap left in a race, I just let everything go and breathe deep,” he says. “At that point, I’ve done all the fighting and the thinking and it’s time to get ready for one last big jump. I’m just monitoring everything around me and then sprinting—it can feel strangely peaceful compared to the rest of the race.”

In this case, Williams was able to come off teammate Scott Law’s wheel and drive to the line at 43 miles per hour and post up, with other sprinters strung out behind him. It was one of nine pro wins Williams has secured so far this year, the most recent being at the Andersen Banducci Twilight Criterium in Boise, Idaho. To consistently win at top pro crits is not easy. It takes massive power, piloting skill and a strong team, of course, but it also requires something else—a kind of illogical courage.

Williams, now 28, found that tenacity within himself early on, back when he was just a boy growing up in Central Los Angeles. “I was just an inner-city kid,” he says. “I had a ton of energy and athleticism and other sports just weren’t working out. My mom was emphatic that she didn’t want me playing football.”

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Highland Park bike advocates face another setback on Figueroa


Plans to improve pedestrian and traffic  safety along North Figueroa Street  — including the possible creation of a bike-only lane — have been put on hold at the request of First District Councilman Gil Cedillo, a prominent critic of “road diets” that reduce motor vehicles lanes.

The safety improvements to Figueroa  were proposed as part of  the city’s Vision Zero program to reduce traffic injuries and fatalities. The Department of Transportation had proposed “repurposing” one northbound lane of Figueroa in addition to other changes, such as the installation of high visibility crosswalks, between York Boulevard and Avenue 43 on the neighborhood’s main north-south street.

The “repurposing” could apply to any of the lanes on the street, not necessarily a traffic lane, said one LADOT official. “The reference means that the lane may be repurposed to a bicycle lane, but also it could mean that it would be reserved for parked vehicles or a center-running left turn lane,” said the official in an email.

But there won’t be any lane changes for now.  A spokesperson for LADOT confirmed that the safety improvement plan was on hold pending action by the City Council. Last month, Cedillo introduced a City Council motion directing the transportation department to stop all road diets, traffic lane removals, and lane configurations in his council district that have not been approved by his office.

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Cryptic Cycles – Décryptø Trailer

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Cryptic Cycles – Décryptø Trailer from Sickboat Creative on Vimeo.

< // Décryptø is an experimental short film about the artform of Cryptic Cycles’ construction of custom carbon fiber bikes handmade in America. One part scientist, one part engineer, and one part auteur. // >



The number of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers killed in L.A. traffic rose sharply in 2016

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Traffic deaths in Los Angeles rose sharply despite a high-profile campaign by Mayor Eric Garcetti and other city leaders to eliminate fatal traffic crashes.

In 2016, the first full year that Garcetti’s Vision Zero policy was in effect in L.A., 260 people were killed in traffic crashes on city streets, an increase of almost 43% over the previous year.

Rising traffic deaths appear to be more than a one-year aberration: So far in 2017, crash fatalities are 22% higher than in the same period last year.

When Garcetti announced L.A.’s Vision Zero, he sought a 20% drop in traffic deaths by the end of 2017. This year’s higher fatality rate and some funding questions underscore the challenges the program still faces.

Vision Zero’s advocates say they have spent more than a year analyzing traffic collision data to pinpoint a series of corridors that have seen the most serious injuries and deaths. Some of those streets are due to receive overhauls aimed at slowing down drivers and reducing fatalities.

Los Angeles’ increase in traffic deaths outpaces national trends. In 2016, 40,200 people died in crashes involving cars, a 6% increase over the previous year, according to the National Safety Council.

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Trek’s new 1120 is a bikepacking Stache in disguise



There’s no way to miss the added accessories on this one. With the introduction of their new 1120, Trek is diving deeper into the world of adventure riding and touring with a bikepacking specific build. Designed to be geared up for the long haul, the 1120 looks to be a slightly tweaked version of the Trek Stache – their popular 29+ hard tail. Add (a lot of) bags, gear, and get ready to set of for your next big adventure…

The 1120 is still based around the Stache, but the frame has a new kink at the top/bottom/head tube junction as well as all new proprietary braze on mounts. That would be to accommodate the proprietary racks that are included with the bike front and rear. While the 1020 used more classic touring racks, the 1120 goes with a more minimalist approach which looks better suited to a combination of rack and bag packing. Most importantly, it looks like the design will keep anything from dragging on either tire which can be a problem with a fully loaded saddle or handlebar bag. And if you’d rather ride rack free, it appears that they are removable as well.

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Diamondback Reduces Prices on Race Bikes


It’s been a sizzling 2017 season for Rally Cycling’s athletes and their Diamondback bikes. In May, American Evan Huffman lit up the Amgen Tour of California, grabbing a pair of stage wins while beating riders from some of the world’s top international pro teams. Then in late June, the American continental team nabbed a total of national championship titles, led by breakout performance by Canadian strongman Matteo Dal-Cin, who snagged his country’s road race title, and American Emma White, who scored her second straight under-23 crown.

Dal-Cin stormed through the streets of his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, breaking clear in a two-man breakaway on the final lap of rain-soaked 160-kilometer test of mettle, then outsprinting his breakaway companion for the win just six seconds ahead of a fast-closing peloton.

“The team did an amazing job all day covering everything, then I finally got away at the end,” explained Dal-Cin, who was riding a Diamondback Podium Equipe with 50mm deep HED wheels and a SRAM Red drivetrain. “It’s probably the biggest win of my career and it was certainly the most excited I’ve ever been on the bike. Getting it done in a sprint is super exciting since you don’t know until the line. I wasn’t super confident, but I have been working on my sprint for the past year and it paid off. It was incredible to return the team’s hard work with a win, and the race being in my hometown just added to the excitement.”


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A case for purchasing a quality bike from a quality bike shop – $149 Mountain Bike vs mountain – The Walmart Enduro

Welcome to Pisgah Forest, home to a huge array of remote and challenging mountain bike trails. To get anywhere here, you need to climb a few thousand feet. To get out alive your bike needs to hold up to roots, sharp rocks, and sustained braking. There’s no cell phone reception out here, and the trails are far too narrow for emergency vehicles. When your very life depends on your equipment, what value would you place on reliability?

Velorama – Colorado Aug 10-13

The inaugural Colorado Classic (August 10-13, 2017) is a men and women’s pro bicycle race, sanctioned by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and designated as a 2.HC race, which is the highest category outside of World Tour races.

It is also part of USA Cycling’s Pro Road Tour, which showcases the premier domestic road events in the United States.


Men’s 4-stage circuit race covering more than 300 miles.  16 world-class men’s teams will attend. (All times estimated)

  • Stage 1:  Colorado Springs (Thursday, Aug. 10; 1:10-4:40 p.m.)
    • Presented by United Healthcare
  • Stage 2:  Breckenridge (Friday, Aug. 11;  2-4:40 p.m.)
    • Presented by Helix
  • Stage 3:  Denver / Peak to Peak Hwy out-and-back: (Saturday, Aug. 12; 1:30-4:30 p.m.)
    • Presented by Drink RiNo
  • Stage 4:  Denver city circuit (Sunday, Aug. 13; 12:20-3;15 p.m.)
    • Presented by Centura Health

Women’s 2-stage circuit races covering more than 70 miles.  15 world-class teams will attend. (All times estimated.)

  • Stage 1: Colorado Springs (Thursday, Aug. 10; 10-11;35 a.m.)
  • Stage 2: Breckenridge (Friday, Aug. 11; 11 a.m. – 12:25 a.m.)

Both of the women’s stages are part of USA Cycling’s Pro Road Tour.


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