September 2017

6 of the best bike locks


The ’80s and ’90s saw an arms race between lock makers and bike thieves that eventually settled down when lock makers figured out how to make locks that would resist everything but hefty portable power tools. Here’s our selection of the locks that have the right stuff.

A sufficiently determined thief can breach any lock. However, for the best locks ‘sufficiently determined’ means ‘carrying a portable angle grinder’. That’s not a cheap tool in itself, and while it’s quick, it’s also very conspicuous.

One technique of your professional thief is therefore to damage the lock so you can’t open it, and then come back late at night with the big guns. If you find your lock mechanism made unusable — filled with glue, for example — break the lock yourself. Hiring an angle grinder will cost you about £20 for the day.

That’s about the only way you’ll quickly get through most of our lock selection here. The more you pay, on the whole, the longer it takes to breach a lock with unpowered brute force attacks, to the point where a thief won’t bother with the best locks, but move on to easier pickings. It’s a sad truth that the basis of on-street bike security is to make your bike too much trouble so a thief will nick someone else’s.

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Good news for U.S. Pro Racing – Cannondale-Drapac will be back next year.



Slipstream Sports Lands New Sponsor, Cannondale-Drapac to Continue

EF Education First and #GreenArgyle fans have teamed up to #SaveArgyle. Slipstream Sports rides on in 2018 thanks to a newly inked deal with EF Education First. The family-owned global education company will become the first naming partner of the American-registered squad in 2018 and will eventually become majority owner of Slipstream Sports.

Team EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale will remain wholeheartedly committed to the gutsy, open and engaging approach for which it has become known.

We are honored to begin working alongside Slipstream Sports, Cannondale, Drapac, and all of the wonderful partners at Slipstream Sports to keep our cyclists riding into 2018 and for years to come, said Edward Hult, CEO North America, EF Education First. We were inspired to step in and become the teams title partner, and will become majority partner, after learning about the #SaveArgyle campaign and witnessing the incredible outpouring of support from fans around the world.

We have been moved by the powerful way that cycling unites people of diverse backgrounds in a peaceful, fun, and friendly way to achieve extraordinary athletic feats, Hult added. It aligns perfectly with EFs mission of opening the world through education and our commitment to bringing different cultures together.

Slipstream Sports CEO Jonathan Vaughters describes EF Education First as the perfect partner alongside the whole athlete focus embraced by Drapac Group owner and chairman Michael Drapac.


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Watch Two Thrill Seekers Bike Behind Live CNN Hurricane Shot

Some serious bike handling skills to stay upright in those conditions.


New helmets and glasses for the Rudy Project 2018



Rudy Project is one of the biggest when it comes to road glasses and helmets, and up until now its mountain bike offerings have been more of a token gesture, such as its detachable peak that comes with some of its more modestly priced helmets. Now it’s debuted the all-new Protera, and as a first crack at a mountain bike specific lid it looks like a pretty decent effort.

The shape is pretty compact compared to most and it has combination of mixed density EPS foam and a triple in-mould construction. The twin sections of the hard shell are moulded directly into the EPS core, which helps keep the weight down to 353g for a size large — certainly at the lower end of the scale for a trail lid. The temple shaping is designed to be goggle compatible.

Internally, the Protera comes fitted with a one-piece pad with built-in bug netting, but if you prefer a more open feel a set of open pads are included.

Rudy tells us that the Protera features an innovative integrated Airframe structure to both sets of pads which is engineered to minimize the sweating process inside the helmet. This is thanks to a Dry Foam and X-Static antibacterial textile; the foam doesn’t absorb the sweat and the fabric quickly dries it.

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Wolfpack Hustle – The Forsyth Cup – Sept 16

500m / 500m Mens Womens Qualifiers
Top 12 advance to Miss n out finale
Miss n’ out elminations for all others to advance to remaining 12 Finale slots.

Dog Tags and cash


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Now that’s a BIG climb! First Malaysians scale Annapurna on bike


GEORGE TOWN — A group of endurance athletes have become the first Malaysians to scale one of the world’s highest peaks by riding and carrying their mountain bikes to the top.

The achievement is from endurance specialist Nur Azhami Mohamad Anil Shah, who led nine other Malaysian cyclists to reach the summit of Annapurna Circuit in Nepal 5,416m above sea level, covering a distance of 260km.

Nur Azhami, 29, who is a consultant for an insurance firm, said the team, members of the Malaysian Recreation Council, began training in January for the climb in May this year.

“We used the Batu Caves steps to train as we did not have a similar terrain in Malaysia. We also did simulation exercises in Shah Alam.”

They focused on building up stamina, endurance and mental toughness.

They also carried 40kg of items on their backpacks daily besides their specially-designed mountain bikes which weighed 13kg each.

The group also cycled 100km daily as part of their training in the Klang Valley.

The 10 cyclists were shortlisted from a pool of 112 endurance specialists.

“Along the journey, we suffered from varying degrees of altitude sickness. I was feeling dizzy and had a loss in orientation but we persevered.”


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LA Bike and Ped Count

What is the LA Bike and Ped Count?

The LA City Bike+Ped Count is the largest source of data on the numbers of people that walk and bike on Los Angeles streets. The data collected demonstrates year-over-year increases in the numbers of people biking and walking, particularly where the city has installed new and improved infrastructure, and helps make the case for further investment in our communities. This year is particularly significant because we will be coordinating the count with LADOT’s Vision Zero initiative so that we can understand how collision histories align with the volume of people walking and biking in a particular location.

Why Counts Matter

Nationwide communities collect data on vehicle movements, but rarely is data collected on bicycle and pedestrian use. Unfortunately this means that what isn’t counted is not funded. Across the US, the bicycle movement is faced with needing to prove people walk and/or bicycle to meet their daily needs. Due to the lack of data of bicycle and pedestrian usage and movement, cities and counties have failed to provide safe and appealing environments for bicycling and walking and cities, counties, states, and the federal government have failed to provide adequa te funding for bicycling and walking improvements. Collecting more data can help us demand more funding and better bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Additionally, counts help measure the benefits of improvements in regards to increases in usage and reductions in collisions when compared to past collision data.


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Wolfpack Hustle – The Forsyth Cup – Sept 16

500m / 500m Mens Womens Qualifiers
Top 12 advance to Miss n out finale
Miss n’ out elminations for all others to advance to remaining 12 Finale slots.

Dog Tags and cash

CicLAvia – Heart of LA – Oct 8

CicLAvia – Heart of LA

Get ready for our annual Heart of LA Route on Sunday, October 8th as CicLAvia returns to Chinatown, DTLA, Echo Park and Boyle Heights! Streets will be closed to cars and open for cyclists, pedestrians, runners and skaters to use as a recreational space.

Planning a feeder ride or walk and want to add it to our site? Email!

New to CicLAvia? Here are some things you need to know for October 8th:

  • CicLAvia is FREE!
  • CicLAvia lasts from 9 AM until 4 PM
  • CicLAvia closes streets to car traffic and opens them for people to walk, skate, bike, play, and explore parts of Los Angeles.
  • CicLAvia is not a race! There’s no starting point or finish line – begin where you like and enjoy the day your way.
  • CicLAvia traffic flows in two directions, just like regular traffic. Check out some more safety tips.

Questions or Concerns

General event information: please contact CicLAvia at 213.355.8500 or

For concerns regarding the Los Angeles street closure permit, contact LA Bureau of Street Services, Investigation and Enforcement Division, Special Events at 213.847.6000.


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Yikes! Attack of the Birds!