February 2017

626 Golden Streets | Sunday March 5, 2017!

Modeled after the thousands of other “open streets” or “ciclovia” events that have been organized around the world and across the United States, 626 Golden Streets will temporarily open stretches of roadway from South Pasadena to Azusa for people to walk, jog, skate, bike and more. Organizers are excited to bring this concept to 7 San Gabriel Valley cities for the first time.
There will be no “right” way to experience Golden Streets. No finish line (unless you do The Train Run). Participants may join and depart the route anywhere they wish. We only ask that you be considerate and courteous of others along the way, enjoy the event at your own pace, and check out the many local businesses, organizations, community groups and more who will be found across the route.


626 Golden Streets presented by Metro will link the Meridian Gold Line Station in South Pasadena with new stations in the Cities of Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, Irwindale and Azusa.

  • When: Sunday March 5, 2017
  • WhereRoute map here. (South Pasadena, San Marino, LA County, Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, Irwindale, Azusa)
  • Why: To celebrate the opening of the Foothill Gold Line extension, re-imagine our region and have fun!


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Metro Committees Approve Union Station Bike Hub Budget

From StreetsBlogLA


Metro has big plans for upgrading L.A.’s historic Union Station to prepare for the 21st century. Future plans include run-through tracks (SCRIP), high-speed rail, expanded structures, and pedestrianization of station frontage. Construction is already underway on the new busway station. One small project that took a small step forward today is the Union Station Metro Bike Hub.


Metro had planned and budgeted to site the bike hub in an existing underground parking area below Patsaouras Plaza. The planned area was converted to ADA parking, so the bike hub was moved to a new stand-alone structure on the north side of the ticketing room in the historic station – near the Mosaic Apartments. Moving the site from within an existing building to a new freestanding building has increased the cost from $1.3 million to $2.5 million.


The Union Station Metro Bike Hub will be similar to the existing bike hub at the El Monte Silver Line BRT Station, which includes staffed bike parking, bike repair services, basic bike supply retail and some bike education materials.


Today, two Metro board committees (Finance, Budget and Audit, Planning and Programming) approved the $1.15 million budget increase. The item will now go to the full Metro board for likely approval at their February 23 full board meeting. If approved by the full board, construction would start next month, with an anticipated opening in Fall 2017.


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The Best Road Bikes of 2017, According to Bicycling.com

From Bicycling.com


​Alchemy Eros
Titanium is a great material for a bike frame: It’s beautiful, tough, long-lasting, and has an amazing feel. The Alchemy Eros is a ti bike that’s built in the company’s facilities near Denver, Colorado, and offered in stock (that is, five stock sizes and 15 stock colors) or custom configurations. But even the “stock” bikes offer buyers a choice of mechanical or electronic drivetrain routing, and a threaded or Pressfit 30 bottom bracket shell. Optional upgrades include an integrated seat post, disc brakes, and custom paint from Ethic Paint Works.
Price: $3,499.00  (frame starting price); $5,499 (complete starting price)
Basso Astra Disc

The Astra fits in the middle of Basso’s line, but the monocoque, full carbon fiber frame (i.e., no extra metal reinforcements) is still made in Italy like its more expensive siblings. Though some of the tubes have (claimed) aerodynamic benefits, Astra’s has a more traditionally shaped frame than Basso’s higher-end models, filling the role of all-around race bike. Up front, Basso’s stem and spacers provide a sleeker, more integrated look than traditional pieces. Thru-axles, a tapered steerer fork, BB86 bottom bracket shell, and routing for electronic or mechanical drivetrains round out the feature list.

Price: $3,795.00  (frameset) 
BMC Roadmachine 03 105

It might be the best-value model in BMC’s Roadmachine line: The 03 105 is built for the same purpose as the $11,999 Roadmachine 01 Dura Ace Di2—fun, fast, and far riding, on pavement and off. In fact, the aluminum 03 platform is a little better at this than the 01: The 03 has a bit more tire clearance (it can officially take up to 32mm tires; the 01, 30mm), and it has mounts for fenders and a rear rack (the 01 does not). Other features include thru axles in the front and rear and flat-mount disc calipers. The 03 105 comes with a Shimano 105 drivetrain with wide-range gearing (34/50 in front, 11-32 in rear) and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors.


Price: $2,199.00
Cannondale SuperSix Evo Disc Women’s 105

This model is the least expensive one in Cannondale’s line that has a carbon frame and disc brakes. It’s based on the race-ready SuperSix platform, which means this model prioritizes light weight, efficiency, and reactive handling, making it ideal for spirited group rides and gran fondos. With the added control of disc brakes—especially in wet conditions—the SuperSix Evo Disc Women’s 105 is ready to get frisky anytime.

Over 80 Organizations Stand with CalBike Calling for Reforms on Proposed Spending Package

From CalBike.com


On Monday, 82 organizations endorsed a set of recommendations, developed by CalBike and our allies, to call for changes in a deal to increase revenue for transportation system maintenance. The deal, two years in the making, invests too much in the old transportation paradigm of roads, including expansion. It will keep people stuck in their cars instead of giving Californians real,  sustainable and affordable options.

A letter delivered to Senate Transportation Committee Chair Jim Beall of San Jose, Assembly Transportation Committee Chair Jim Frazier of Oakley, and Transportation Secretary Brian Kelly, expresses support for the main goal of the funding deal — new revenue to maintain roads — and some specific aspects of the deal, including its increased investment in the Active Transportation Program to provide more grants to local jurisdictions for trails, bikeways, and sidewalks, Open Streets events and Safe Routes to School programs. However, in order to make real progress in reforming our transportation system for the future, the 82 organizations signed on to the letter are asking for the following key reforms to be included in the package:

  1. Prioritize the funding toward vulnerable, low-income communities that who are disproportionately in need of alternative transportation options, greater mobility, and bear the brunt of the health and safety impacts of our transportation system.
  2. Dramatically increase funding to provide high-quality, efficient transit service especially for low-income individuals and families.
  3. Ensure we can meet our state climate change and air quality standards by carefully tracking any investment spent on expanding roads and freeways.
  4. Require expertise in climate change, environmental justice, walk, bike, and transit for future appointments to the California Transportation Commission, which oversees state and federal transportation funding and advises the Legislature.
  5. Protect the integrity of the California Environmental Quality Act, which reduces environmental impacts and improves transportation project outcomes.


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You’ll Soon Be Able to Mountain Bike From Washington to California

From Willamette Week


Since 1992, hikers have been able to traverse Oregon north to south using the Pacific Crest Trail, which traces the Cascades from the Bridge of the Gods to the California state line. This summer, you can finally bike across the state, from Hood River to the mines of Modoc County, Calif.

The state’s biggest bike route is called the Oregon Timber Trail, and it’s a collaboration of Travel Oregon, the U.S. Forest Service, the federal Bureau of Land Management, and outdoorsy trip planners Limberlost. They’re taking 650 miles of already-extant trails and combining them into a massive, state-spanning single-track mountain bike trail.

“We have the Pacific Crest Trail, which is amazing and aspirational,” says Harry Dalgaard, one of the leaders behind the project at Travel Oregon. “But we realize there’s a significant dearth of long-distance mountain-biking opportunities in Oregon. We started looking at this route, and we realized that the [Southern Oregon] Fremont National Recreation Trail is over 100 miles long. How can we link that with other trail systems to provide this cool, iconic single-track experience? We started looking at other national forests, and stumbled upon a route that was 650 miles long in five national forests.”

The route is 55 percent single-track mountain bike trail. The balance is unpaved Forest Service and backcountry gravel roads.

The trail is split into four sections—from south to north: Fremont, Willamette, Deschutes and Hood—each of which shows off a different slice of Oregon wilderness. The route winds its way through Ponderosa pine forests, salt lakes, Cascadian rain forest, mountains ranges and cinder cones. However, it is also designed to veer close to popular Oregon hot spots like tourist town Oakridge, middle-of-nowhere giant steak and whole-chicken spot Cowboy Dinner Tree, and the brand-new Suttle Lodge from the people behind Ace Hotels.

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Automated Speed Enforcement: One More Tool For Safe Streets

From SFBike.org

What if we had the solution to a problem, but couldn’t use it? And what if that problem was affecting hundreds of lives every year, leading to serious injuries or worse?


We join our partners throughout the city in offering our unwavering support for Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE), with leadership from Assemblymember David Chiu and support from Assemblymember Phil Ting and Senator Scott Wiener. Together, they penned a bill which would authorize this known solution to the leading cause of serious collisions: speeding. This is made possible with support from San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and SF Mayor Ed Lee, whose Executive Directive on street safety specifically highlighted ASE as a City priority.


As a pilot program in San Francisco and San Jose, this bill would authorize the use of camera and radar technology to automatically enforce speeds on streets with a history of high speeds and serious crashes. This program includes strong measures to ensure that key concerns around privacy, equity and due process are addressed.


Over the last two years, San Francisco has unified in support of ASE. From the Board of Supervisors, to the Health Commission, to our city’s Vision Zero Coalition has urged legislation to permit this transformative tool for safe streets in our city. ASE has proven successful in cities like Washington, D.C., where traffic fatalities dropped 70 percent during its use. D.C. is one of over 140 communities around the United States where ASE is reducing collisions, but state legislation is required for San Francisco to use this tool as well.


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2-Spoke Wheels, turn crosswinds into free speed?

M5 Two Spoke: the new standard for time trial and triathlon


he “M5 Two Spoke” has the LOWEST air resistance of ALL existing wheels compared to 12 or 16 steel bladed spokes or  3, 4, 5, or 6 carbon bladed wheels and even DISC wheels! This means the “M5 Two Spoke” is currently the fastest wheel in the world.


The aero-dynamical properties of the two-spoke wheel were extensively examined with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) by analysing the wheel’s performance at different angles of attack of the passing air.


Studying the CFD files confirmed that the much smaller and aerodynamic surface area takes the credit for this thrilling accomplishment! We already knew, of course, that using a disc wheel above a wind-speed of 3 m/s is already slowing you down a lot because of bigger exposed frontal area, but defeating a disc wheel “in its own habitat” in the velodrome is truly sensational!


It all boils down to the air resistance of the spokes of any wheel. One wants to transfer steering, braking and driving forces whilst minimally disturbing the air. Since one mostly rides forward, this means minimal drag, with side wind you might have some lift effects. Assuming the same roughness and other conditions, the drag depends on the shape and the wetted area, normally it is assumed the disc is best on shape, but worst on wetted area. The 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 16 spokes have normally lower wetted areas, but also less aerodynamic shapes, which means that often the disc was better despite the high wetted area. Now we have achieved a trade off that makes it better than a disc, i.e. we gained performance relative to the disc due to wetted area, more than we lose from the shape. It might seem complicated, but we know what really matters! And thus, the two-spoke wheel with optimal aero-dynamical properties is now a reality.


In other words, by using two spokes instead of three or five, which are the most popular right now, the M5 Two Spoke wheel has less “wet area” then the aforementioned. It also performs better in side winds due to the same surface area left and right of the steering line. This is normal practice for the even bladed four or six spoked carbon wheels too, by the way.
All this is clearly proven by recent and independent SRM tests by AeroPro and CFD tests.



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Top 15 U.S. Gran Fondos for 2017 – 7 are in California!

From GranFondoGuide.com


15. Phil’s Cookie Fondo

October 14th – 15th 2017, Malibu, California

Inaugural cookie crazed Fondo sells out in advance with over 1,000 riders

Well known Californian Pro Cyclist, Phil Gaimon has called time on his career last season, to move onto new challenges. He’s held the record for the Mount Washington hill climb and several stage wins too. He previously rode for Cannondale-Drapac, one of the top teams in the UCI WorldTour. Phil hasn’t stopped cycling, actually the reverse.

Phil has been taking Strava KOM scalps all over California and beyond. Recently Phil took the KOM on Mount Baldy, previously held by Team Sky’s Ian Boswell. Boswell’s record was set in the 2015 AMGEN tour of California. Boswell’s time up the 4.3 mile climb which is an average of 9.3% was 22m 42 secs. Gaimon beat this by 17 secs. He spent New Year’s Eve riding 62 miles up Mauna Kea in Hawaii, to bag the ultimate Strava KOM.

Every time Phil mentioned that he lived in Los Angeles, people would ask him he can train in a town known only for traffic and movie stars? This was Phil’s answer, “I’ve ridden all over the world, and with great climbs, ocean air, and perfect weather year-round, I don’t want to live anywhere else. This event was my idea to show off my home roads and help Los Angeles get the reputation it deserves as a cycling destination. I designed the courses myself, and chose the food, drinks, sponsors, and high-class amenities to give riders the full LA experience. Pro teams have held their training camps here for years. Here’s your chance to find out why!”

Phil loves cookies and as a Pro, fans would bring him cookies for him to munch on at the end of every stage, hence cookies became Phil’s signature and hence he came up with the one of the coolest names for a Gran Fondo.

Phil’s Fondo has 3 cleverly designed routes using the roads Phil uses regularly to train on, the 46 mile Sugar Cookie, the 87 mile Chocolate Chip and the 118 mile Double Fudge.

The 46 mile Sugar Cookie is the shortest route, but don’t think it’s be easy. Starting in Malibu, it climbs Potrero Road, cruises along the top of Sycamore Canyon a short climb up Decker Canyon from Westlake. Survive that, and you’ve earned a fun descent down Mulholland Highway to the Pacific.

The 87 mile Chocolate Chip is the most popular ride. Experience the best that Southern California has to offer, with a total of four climbs, and an optional fifth on the unpaved Sycamore Canyon if you’re still feeling ambitious. This is a serious route with serious altitude gain, not for beginners.

The 118 mile Double Fudge, nearly crazy by all measurable standards. This route will test your endurance, climbing legs and will power. Select this route and you’ll get a glimpse into a Pro Tour stage race. Designed by Phil himself, survive this route and you’ll have something to brag about! This is probably one of the hardest Gran Fondo’s in California, if not North America containing around 12,000 feet of climbing!

The inaugural event in 2016 was a sell-out, attracting well over 1,000 riders.

Hands down, the best Fondo I’ve ever done. Logistics were perfect, cheerful and well thought out. Mavic neutral support cars and moto’s was a bonus. Loved hanging out with the pros – very nice guys. Brutal route. Fantastic scenery. I’ll be back! – Todd Nelson

Awesome event! I suffer like a dog but the food especially the cookies made it all worthwhile – Qoc Vo

Remember to #earnyourcookies

For more information, please visit: philsfondo.com



14. The Malibu Gran Fondo

March 4th – 5th 2017, Malibu, California

America’s 5-Star Gran Fondo

“Imagine rolling into Malibu, California with the sun overhead, ocean breeze at your back and the mountains in the near distance rousing your legs to ascend like the great champions of the Tour de France – this is the Malibu Gran Fondo.” – Peloton Magazine

The crew at Serious Cycling has created one of the best cycling events you will find in America: a two-day, two-stage event along the California coastline. Only in its fourth year, the Malibu GRANFONDO has exceeded expectations in offering an event that combines the spectacular cycling terrain around Malibu, California, with a full weekend of riding, dining, and unparalleled pro-level support. Though there is no shortage of Gran Fondos in Southern California, the Malibu GRANFONDO has carved its niche as a more exclusive event that maintains a 250-rider field limit, and the opportunity for a second day of fully supported riding following the 151km Fondo on day one. This year’s event will be held on March 4 & 5, with Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village playing host to the start and finish, in addition to offering a complete cycling package with luxury accommodations.

The Malibu GRANFONDO is designed for those who train regularly, love to travel and enjoy making new friends from around the world. The event draws athletes from Canada, Germany, Italy, UK and numerous outlying States – all seeking warm weather, premium riding terrain, and great camaraderie. To commemorate their achievement, ASSOS of Switzerland has designed the 2017 Limited Edition Jersey, available to event participants only.

The Malibu GRANFONDO features 22 miles along the Pacific Coast Highway, passing by some of the most famous beaches in the state. While PCH makes for mostly flat riding, the final twisting climb up Latigo Canyon, featured as the KOM/QOM of the event, is not quite so gentle as it heads up for 10 miles and presents the day’s biggest challenge, as well as numerous of photo opportunities.

Post-ride is all about the experience back at Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village – instead of packing up their bikes and heading home, cyclists are rewarded with a full bottle of wine, an exceptional and relaxing gourmet meal in the Garden Pavilion, a live jazz band, Cyclists Massage, as well as a bike wash/lube & valet service following the ride – ALL of which is included in the entry fee.

But the event does not end there – participants and their guests are invited to a complimentary Wine and Tapas Evening Reception, also hosted by Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, where they can share tales of the day and view the starting order for Day Two’s event, the 20 k Individual Time Trial along PCH in Malibu. Athletes also have the option on the second day of a non-timed recovery ride along the same route. For those completing the full omnium pro experience, overall prizes will be awarded based on cumulative time from the two days. To round out the event weekend, Vintage Grocers of Malibu provides a full service gourmet brunch under the sun at the finish line.

The Malibu GRANFONDO celebrates all that is great about the world of cycling; beautiful landscapes, long arduous climbs rewarded with incredible views, healthy food (and plenty of it!) and the chance to spend a whole weekend with a team of likeminded athletes.

Offering pro-level on-course support, gourmet rest stops, catered receptions, concierge services, post ride massage, bike wash/valet, camp experiences, and forums for advocacy, Malibu GRANFONDO is the Complete Cycling Experience. Day one hosted by Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village; day two hosted by Vintage Grocers Malibu. Please visit the Malibu GRANFONDO website for more detailed information on all the full service luxury amenities provided and opportunities for engagement with the community.

For more information, please visit: ridemgf.com



13. Tehachapi Gran Fondo

September 16th 2017, Tehachapi, California

Award winning Gran Fondo puts Californian community on the tourist map, as it celebrates “Best Century in California” for the 3rd year in a row

The city of Tehachapi is a beautiful mountain community nestled between the San Joaquin Valley and the Mojave Desert. Located at approximately 4,000 feet, with picturesque views and friendly outlook, it will give you a fresh perspective on life on your first visit. Tehachapi is only 60 miles from the bigger cities, with clean air and a beautiful location, cyclists in the know love it.

The Tehachapi Gran Fondo isn’t just a cycling event, it’s an entire weekend celebration. On the day of the ride the entire community comes out to support, with over 260 volunteers and the public cheers from many places along the route waving their cowbells. The Tehachapi Gran Fondo is much more about the whole experience than the cycling itself.

The 3rd edition of the annual event in 2016, drew in over 1,000 cyclists from 163 different cites, 6 different states and 2 different countries contributing to an estimated turnover of over $300,000 dollars for the local economy.

The 2016 Tehachapi Gran Fondo was voted Champions of Economic Development in Sports Tourism by Destination Sports Management Magazine (National Magazine) such is its success at putting Tehachapi on the tourist map and making a huge impact on the local economy with the communities wholehearted support and love of cycling. Such is its reputation, it was named “Best Century in California” for the 3rd year in a row by Cycle California Magazine.

The Gran Fondo is timed so that participants can compete for fastest times on certain timed sections (climbs).  It takes cyclists on beautiful routes that showcase the areas scenic beauty and points of interest.

The mass start road cycling event features multiple routes ranging from 18, 38, 60, 86 to the full 104 mile Gran Fondo, so that all abilities of riders can participate. Participants wear a timing chip that records how long it takes them to complete the course. The Gran Fondo is an annual tradition imitating the Italian theme and participation is open to all recreational and amateur cyclists.

The weekend long experience is a festive one which includes a large cycling expo and an Italian themed pasta feed for participants.  The FREE BIKE VALET service will watch over your bike while you enjoy lunch as part of your registration and participate in the festivities. Wash the road dirt off with a glass of cold beer and kick back to DJ music.

With activities for all ages, invite your friends and family to join you to celebrate your completion of the Tehachapi GranFondo and celebrate cycling with the whole community.

Working with the Kern County Board of Trade the Tehachapi Gran Fondo is destined to become the Premier Kern County Event, drawing several thousands of participants from across California and North America.

Register by April 30th and receive a 15% Discount with Promo Code: CC17

For full information, please visit tehachapigranfondo.com



11. The Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin

October 7th, 2017 – Marin County, California

Shut Up Legs!

In 2015, in its inaugural year, over 1,200 riders celebrated with Jens Voigt along the best roads that Marin County has to offer. The 3rd edition of the 2017 Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin County is shaping up to be a spectacular ride yet again.

Anyone who enjoys road cycling regularly will love the Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin. They have chosen three routes so that riders of all abilities can have a great experience. Distances of 40, 70 and the aptly named “Shut Up Legs” 100 miles. Be safe in the knowledge that should you require any assistance, it will not be far away.

You can expect an awesome and memorable day with Jens Voigt, arguably the most fun guy in pro cycling. You’ll be treated to a Pro Tour level experience with on course neutral support. You’ll ride along the world-class roads of Marin County, with notable views of Alpine Dam, Mount Tam, Stinson Beach, Bolinas, Point Reyes and Tomales Bay. We’ll keep you fueled with fully staffed and stocked service stops. At the finish, you will enjoy the Gran Fondo village where you will be treated to a Jensie inspired recovery meal, music and an ice cold local brew. All registered riders will also receive a swag bag with the official Gran Fondo rider guide, goodies from participating sponsors and a Jensie Gran Fondo commemorative water bottle.

The Jensie Gran Fondo has been designed to be an extraordinary day in Marin County, with a focus on enjoying the best of Marin with Jens Voigt and our respected event partners. At the conclusion of the event, “suffering” the Jensie way, they will have prepared a “village” environment for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Taking an hour or two to relax and recover is a part of any cycling event’s tradition. You’ll find a wide range of foods available from some of the best vendors in Marin County. You’ll also find a glass of something cool and refreshing to wash it down with, whilst you sit in the shade, soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the moment.

For those of you who have come along with the family, they’ve arranged for their friends at Stafford Lakes Park to offer some fun activities which will keep them engaged and occupied, and wishing their parents had not ridden the course quite so fast. This includes the new bike park that any non-Jensie riders can enjoy.

New for 2017 is the Jensie Founders Club, from the moment you register your unforgettable experience will begin. You will receive VIP service at registration, ProTour level support on course and access to recover in the exclusive Founders Club tent, where you’ll rub elbows with Jens and other famous types. On Sunday, Jens will lead the Founders Club on a recovery ride followed by an intimate lunch. It’s will be an extraordinary weekend. Simply bring your bike and they will take care of the rest!

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition is the direct beneficiary of The Jensie Gran Fondo and is the premier bicycle advocacy group of Marin County. They are responsible for Safe to School programs and the maintenance and introduction of all bike paths all over Marin County. They are focused on connecting communities through cycling and ensuring safe roads and paths while providing riders with amazing bicycle routes that span the entire county.

Jens Voigt recently rode through the night Everesting for Charity

The affable and ever popular Ex-Pro, Jens Voigt battled through ice, snow, hail and wild boar for 27 hours to raise 25,000 Euros for cancer research organisation Tour De Cure Australia. The retired Tour de France stage winner and former UCI Hour Record holder, Jen Voigt rode up and down the famous “Teufelsberg” which loosely translates to “Devils Mountain” in Berlin’s Gruenwald forest, his home-mountain which features about 90m of elevation.

He climbed the “Teufelsberg” over 100 times in the 27 hours, which is the accumulated vertical elevation of the world’s highest mountain, Everest which is 29,029 feet or 8,848 metres high.  Jens was hoping to raise around 10,000 Euros, for the charity Tour de Cure to help find cures to beat Cancer, however after regular updates on social media, wishes of support and dozens of riders joining him on his quest, his total reached over 25,000 Euros.

Voigt is also an ambassador for the 2017 AMGEN Tour of California, the U.S. leg of the UCI WorldTour.

For more information, please visit: thejensiegranfondo.com



10. L’Etape California by Le Tour De France

April 30th, 2017 – Ontario, California

Come and celebrate the U.S.A’s Premier Professional race, the 2017 UCI WorldTour AMGEN Tour of California.

Be a pro for a day and experience one of the Amgen Tour of California’s toughest stages the men will tackle on Stage 5, Thursday May 18th. Join thousands of cyclists taking part in the seventh edition of the L’Etape California.

The steep switchbacks up to the Mt. Baldy Ski Area at 6,500 feet elevation could serve as the deciding factor in crowning the overall champion for this year’s race. Mt. Baldy is located 45 miles from downtown Los Angeles and is a popular location for hikers, sightseers and cyclists year-round.

Cyclists from far and wide visit Mt. Baldy to climb the challenging switchbacks, which ascend over 2,000 in only 4.3 miles. The stage includes the categorized climbs of Glendora Ridge Road, Glendora Mountain Road and Mt. Baldy Road and is approximately 80 miles and includes around 11,000 feet of climbing. Cycling enthusiasts will be able to tackle the same stage on April 30th, just over a week before the racing begins.

AMGEN Tour of California organizer AEG announced the 575-mile course for the 2017 UCI WorldTour race, which will take many of the world’s best cyclists on an always picturesque, challenging and highly competitive competition through California’s iconic highways, byways and coastlines this spring.

The four-day AMGEN Breakaway from Heart Disease Women’s Race empowered with SRAM will bring the best in the sport to race in Northern California May 11-14, followed by the men’s seven-day stage race May 14-20. The twelfth annual edition of the men’s race will visit 12 Host Cities from Sacramento to Pasadena. Former Champions Kristin Armstrong, Jens Voigt and Freddie Rodriguez were recently named official race Ambassadors.

Peter Sagan, the 2015 overall Amgen Tour of California winner and record holder with 15 stage victories since riding for the first time in 2010, will headline an all-star peloton when America’s most prestigious cycling stage race launches the 12th edition in May, 2017. Sagan, one of the most popular cyclists ever to compete in the Amgen Tour of California will be racing for his recently launched BORA-hansgrohe team hoping to add on to his current record of 15 stage wins including two in 2016. The 2015 and 2016 (current) World Champion will be racing in the Golden State for the 7th consecutive year.

L’Etape California by Le Tour de France is a ride designed to challenge cyclists on a course comparable to an Alps Mountain stage of the world’s most well-known cycling race. It is part of the Etape du Tour Series which encourages cyclists around the world to ride like Tour de France legends in over 10 international locations including Japan, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil. Three-time Tour Champion Chris Froome serves as an ambassador for the series.

Previous editions of L’Etape du Tour have allowed cycling enthusiasts to ride the Queen stage of the Tour of California which have include the climbs of Mount Diablo, Rock Store in the Santa Monica Mountains, and Gibraltar Road in Santa Barbara County.

For more information, please visit letapecalifornia.com



9. SLO Gran Fondo

October 28th – 29th, 2017 – San Luis Obispo County, California

The fourth edition of this classic annual fall cycling event, presented by VisitAvilaBeach.com, will again feature three routes of 25 miles, 61 miles or 100 miles that all showcase the scenic Central Coast of California. Enjoy epic coastal and wine country vistas, in 70 degree fall weather over rolling miles of clean open road.

The SLO GranFondo attracted a HUGE amount of attention last summer, when it was revealed that Stage 4 of the 2016 AMGEN Tour of California, which began near the iconic Morro Rock on Wednesday, May 18th and headed up Highway 1 for the first time, that produced a taste of what the San Luis Obispo County and the SLO GranFondo had to offer.

Event weekend begins on Saturday, October 28 with our three timed rides. The 100 Mile SLO GranFondo includes an incredible 4.5 Mile, 1300ft. KOM / QOM up Green Valley Road, just outside the serene coastal town of Cambria. Traditional pink jerseys go to the winner of the GranFondo and polka dot jerseys to the KOM / QOM!

Also on Saturday, all of the riders will then enjoy the celebrated Race SLO Finish Line Festival featuring award-winning Central Coast BBQ, local beer, wine and music. New in 2017 will be the Pro Panel hosted right on stage with television personality and the often irreverent Bob Roll, USA Cycling Chairman Bob Stapleton and our invited pro riders. Listen in on all the best of 2017 and look ahead to what the 2018 cycling season will have in store. All riders will also be able to take advantage of our Bike Valet, washing tents and recovery lounge.

On Sunday, October 29, a limited amount of tickets are available for the VIP Recovery Ride & Wine Event with Bob Roll and our pro riders starting and ending in Avila Beach at Sinor-Lavallee wine tasting room.

The event draws in top teams and hundreds of riders, including professional cyclists Alison TetrickIan MooreHolly BeckMatt Bigos, Ina TeutenbergNeil Shirley and the Clif Bar Team. The event weekend also includes an engaging Pro Panel reception, which for the first time will be held during the finish line festival at the Avila Beach Golf Resort, featuring all the pro riders along with author, Tour de France & Tour of California commentator and former professional Bob “Bobke” Roll and USA Cycling’s Bob Stapleton. Enjoy the Race SLO VIP race experience provided for all of the riders from the beginner to the pro.

Last year Vinny Owens, 35, of Fresno, CA and Jane Despas, 51, of Menlo Park, CA won the coveted pink jerseys in the SLO GranFondo 100 Mile race in 4 hours, 24 minutes, 39 seconds and 4:44:50, respectively. For Despas, an Australian native, impressively three-peated as the women’s champion. In the 100 mile GranFondo, the fastest rider to the top of Old Creek Highway 46 climb, Kevin Bernotas, 28, from Irvine, CA and Despas were also crowned King & Queen of the Mountain (KOM / QOM), clocking 18:22 and 24:02 respectively for the 4.5 mile time trial featuring 1,339 feet of climb, and each earned the coveted polka dot jersey.

Organized by Race SLO, it was recently revealed that the California Central Coast’s leading endurance sports event producer had completed an economic impact study of its three 2016 events: 5th SLO Marathon + Half and 5K (Spring), inaugural SLO Ultra trail races (late Summer) and 3rd SLO GranFondo cycling festival (Fall). According to the comprehensive study compiled by Productive Impact LLC, overall, the three events produced $4.01 million of total economic impact in San Luis Obispo County plus more than $230,000 in local tax revenue.

“Our family of annual Race SLO events created not only healthy & fun experiences for our participants as well as their family & friends, but our 2016 community events also proved to have tangible positive economic benefits to our local economy and governments,” said Samantha Pruitt, Race SLO Founder & CEO“This economic impact survey reinforces the growing Race SLO footprint and our beloved Endurance Town USA’s reputation as a healthy & athletic, connected to nature, event destination.”

The SLO GranFondo is happy again to support ALPHA and the Hearst Cancer Resource Center at French Hospital Medical Center, two San Luis Obispo County not-for-profit organizations.

“Our fourth SLO GranFondo promises to be another spectacular cycling event stocked with pro riders and cyclists from all over the state visiting us to not only experience Fall on the beautiful Central Coast, but to also enjoy some exciting time trial climbing action at the top level,” said Samantha Pruitt, Race SLO Founder & CEO. “Along with the GranFondo pink jersey ride champions being crowned, we’ll once again celebrate our top Queen and King of the Mountain with the highly coveted polka dot jerseys on stage in Avila Beach at our post-ride food and wine festival.”

Come experience the best the California Central Coast has to offer: year-round sunshine, rolling green hills, unspoiled open roads, first class finish lines and more!

Come Race SLO: #EnduranceTownUSA #SLOGranFondo

For more information, please visit: slogranfondo.com




1. Levi’s Gran Fondo

September 30th 2017, Santa Rosa, California

Levi’s Gran Fondo makes our number one spot after it was announced, early in 2016 that Stage 7 of the 2016 AMGEN Tour of California would cover the same roads and KOM climbs as the popular annual Levi’s GranFondo. It has raised over $2 million dollars for charitable causes.

Starting and ending in Santa Rosa in the heart of Sonoma County Wine Country  Stage 7 of the Tour of California course featured four Lexus King of the Mountain points along King Ridge Road, Pacific Coast Highway and Coleman Valley Road. Cycling fans from around the were able to watch best riders in the world compete for 4 KOM’s and battle it out for the general classifications on that very same route, aptly named the King Stage.

The social media frenzy that surrounded the news, the AMGEN Tour of California, Stage 7 and the resulting impact on the eighth annual Levi’s Gran Fondo was off the Richter scale in terms of popularity. The AMGEN Tour of California is America’s Premier Race, and part of the 2017 World Tour.

The King Stage of the Tour of California saw race leader Alaphilippe chase down several attacks including Rohan Dennis (BMC Racing). Peter Sagan attacked the breakaway but sat up with 14 miles to go and joined the peloton for a bunch sprint. Team Katusha lead Kristoff out to take the bunch sprint by a tire width over Sagan.

Founded in 2009 and in its ninth edition this year, Levi’s Gran Fondo is America’s Premier Gran Fondo.  It’s also one of the biggest and most popular bike rides in the U.S. with cyclists participating from all over North America and Internationally.

You too, can join up to 6,000 cyclists taking part in Levi’s Gran Fondo – a must do “Bucket List” ride for every cyclist on September 30th 2017.

With 11 routes on offer, Levi’s Gran Fondo is designed for cyclists of all abilities; from the 8 mile Family Ride, 30 mile Piccolo, 60 mile Medio, the 100 mile Gran, and the challenging 116.8 mile Panzer.  For gravel seekers, the Willow Creek option can be tacked on to almost any route and adds 1240 feet of climbing on packed dirt under a thick canopy of Redwoods.

The 100 mile Gran Fondo, the biggest and most popular distance, will allow cyclists to ride near enough the same route and KOM climbs as used in the Tour of California. A definitive cycling experience in northern California that mustn’t be missed. From the damp redwood forests at the base of King Ridge to the 360-degree panoramas at the butcher knife-thin top, this is the stuff of memory. This includes the KOM climbs of King Ridge and Coleman Valley Road to name a few.

And if you think the climbs are amazing, the descents down Hauser Bridge Road and Meyers Grade will stay with you for the rest of your days.

Ahead of you is an unforgettable day’s cycling, with a mass start, full support on course, with mobile mechanical support  from SRAM and full emergency services. Up to eight rest stops, each with whole foods as well as on-bike liquid and gel energy. The Panzer includes a full service Espresso bar with a selection of sweet and savory hand made Panzerotti pastries. Expect mechanical service at each stop, as well as medical personnel, on top of what’s driving around on-course.  Once the pedalling is done, riders and their families come together at the Fondo Sonoma festival at the Finley Center for a fun day filled with plenty of activities, live music, and great food and beverages.

Levi’s dual mission is to share a legendary ride experience and to raise money and awareness for at-risk youth organizations across the country. “We’ve been producing world class GranFondo’s longer than anyone else in North America and we’ve been very successful at it. Tens of thousands of riders from around the world have come to our ride. We have an audience, and we are poised to do something very meaningful and on a large scale.  In your town, in your city and community there are kids who need help. We believe, no child should have to deal with at-risk circumstances. Yet the awful truth is that nearly 50% of youth in America do. Levi’s Gran Fondo wants to help change that.  We’ve raised over $2 million dollars since our inception and we encourage you to help us take it to the next level.  Choose an organization.  Set up a campaign.  Join us for the challenge, the adventure, and what some say is the best produced ride in North America.”  – Levi

Learn how to support at-risk youth in your community through Levi’s GranFondo at kingridge.webflow.io

To register please go to: levisgranfondo.com/register

For more information go to: levisgranfondo.com


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L.A. Chinatown Forecracker Run & Bike Ride

Ring in the Lunar New Year by riding or running, and celebrate the Year of the Rooster! For the past few years, we’ve partnered with the excellent Chinatown Firecracker Ride & Run by providing bike valet for the event. Also, for each participant who joins the LACBC Team when registering, $7 will be donated to LACBC!


38th Annual Chinatown Firecracker Ride & Run
When: Saturday, February 11, & Sunday, February 12, 2017
Where: Los Angeles Chinatown


The bike rides on Saturday, February 11th, include both an easy 20-mile ride and a more challenging (and more hilly) 30-mile ride. The runs on Sunday feature a 10K run and a 5K run/walk, plus a 1K kiddie run.


Learn More & Register Here

Brilliant San Francisco bike map looks like a subway map

From Curbed San Francisco


Sometimes a design problem has been around for so long that people stop noticing it’s a problem at all.

Take bike maps, like the kind distributed by the city or the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition; they’re very useful, but upon examination, a touch cluttered.

Compare them to a few so-called “spider maps” of city bicycle routes, as designed by Washington D.C.’s Michael Graham, a cycling enthusiast who realized that his local bike maps had a whole lot of lines on them, but really only needed one: the line for the route.

(The term “spider map” sometimes refers to the abstracted rail line maps that Graham modeled his bike maps on, like this one familiar to Muni light rail riders. Graham’s map site references the classic children’s book Charlotte’s Web for the term.)

Graham took it upon himself to redesign bicycle maps for several U.S. cities, as he recently explained toCityLab. In addition a San Francisco map, he created ones for Denver, London, and D.C.

Not being from the Bay Area, Graham makes a few mistakes (terms like “Knob Hill” or “Kirham Street,” for example), but his designs are bold, clear, and memorable; basically, the Apple Store of bike maps.


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