January 2017

Indoor Cycling Doesn’t Suck Anymore according to Bicycling.com

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Their top 4 reasons why…

1. Smart Trainers! 
The foundation of the indoor riding revolution is a new wave of connected trainers. “Smart trainers” are controlled through various software applications that run on a computer or your smart phone, which provide workouts based on resistance or power. On a full-featured smart trainer, the apps control the resistance, so all you have to do is pedal.

Prices are coming down too: Direct-drive (where your bike attaches to the trainer directly via the cassette), power-enabled trainers like the Wahoo KICKR and the new CycleOps Hammer run about $1,200. These two models offer accurate power readings; connectivity to apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad; and realistic road feel, with up to a leg-smashing 2,000 watts of resistance and a simulated 20 percent grade. But you can get into the game for as little as $400 with something like the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Smart, which calculates power rather than directly measuring it, but still gives you access to training plans and workouts from the free Kinetic Fit mobile app or third-party iOS or Android apps like The Sufferfest and Zwift.


2. Apps! 
Most smart trainers today can connect to your smart phone or laptop via wireless protocols like ANT+ and/or Bluetooth. This means you can access and use online training programs and apps from third-party software developers (though there are more options for iOS devices than for PC and Android users).

Want to hammer? The aptly named Sufferfest offers 36 video workouts with names like Fight Club and A Very Dark Place. If you’re looking for methodical structure, TrainerRoad has more than 100 training plans to get you event-ready. Want more visual stimulation? Kinomap puts you (via video) on hallowed Tour de France climbs, classic American epics like Figueroa Mountain Road in central California, and even mountain bike trails.



3. Get Social! 
The most exciting thing happening in indoor training right now is Zwift, which is probably best described as a virtual group ride. You can join any number of rides at all times of day or night, for all ability levels.

Like other apps, Zwift controls resistance on your trainer, so you can focus on making, and responding to, attacks (and maybe trash-talking your riding buddies via group or private message). Strava allows you to upload these indoor workouts for your followers to check out, complete with screenshots of your Zwift avatar in action.


4. Classes! 
Spinning has been around forever. But it’s reached new levels with outfits like SoulCycle—think spin class meets yoga in a dance club—and its main competitor, Flywheel, each boasting an almost cultish following (and equally passionate detractors).

Meanwhile, Peloton provides a smart trainer, app, class, and social environment all in one. The company offers in-person classes at its two studios in New York City and Chicago, but it is primarily a virtual online class with more than 3,000 on-demand workouts that you can access with its iOS app or on its $2,000 dedicated stationary bike (yes, it’s its own creation). You can use the app with any indoor setup, but you need the bike to record your ride or allow access to Peloton’s online leaderboard.

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Tour de France stage winner Joaquim Rodríguez goes over the edge.

Tour de France stage winner Joaquim Rodríguez has posted a terrifying video of a crash during a training ride where he went straight over a barrier and down a steep ditch.

Rodríguez, who last month announced he won’t be riding professionally in 2017, posted a video on Twitter of the crash which he captured on a chest-mounted camera.

The Spanish rider was heading towards a right-hand turn during a downhill section when the bike locked up and he went into and over the barrier.

Rodríguez seemed happy to dust himself off and get back on the bike.

“Behaviour of a cyclist when you fall,” his Tweet is translated to from Spanish.

“First: I’m fine. Second: How is my bike. Third: Put the handle well and continue.”

Rodríguez has claimed a top three finish in all three Grand Tour rides including a third in the 2013 Tour de France.

A unique new folding bike – Kwiggle®

Useful in urban context

• is a bicycle with a weight of around 8,5 kg.
• is folded or unfolded in just 10 seconds!
• is unique worldwide: it conveniently fits into the airlines’ carry-on luggage sizes: 55x40x25 cm!
• allows riding up to 30 km/h. The drivability is amazing!
• riding is fun!
• is engineered and produced in Germany!

Kwiggle® is the only bicycle worldwide featuring this unique combination of drivability, compactness and weight, made possible only with patented gearing, folding system and seat device.


Amazing in city traffic 

Our tests with Kwiggle® in city traffic are very fascinating: we easily get in and off everywhere, metro, cars, trains, doesn’t matter. That’s a feeling of sheer freedom in city-movement with a widely expanded moving radius. This combined, Kwiggle® makes us the fastest in city.

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Culver City Explores Expo-to-Downtown Protected Bike Lane

From Urbanize.la


Although Culver City has capitalized on its nearly five-year-old Expo Line Station with a series of commercial developments on adjacent properties, the elevated Metro stop remains isolated from the city’s commercial core nearly a half-mile west.  While a long-term solution may call for a continous build-out of pedestrian-oriented development down Washington Boulevard, Culver City is looking to temporarily bridge the gap by adding a new bicycle connection between its Downtown and the station area.

This past weekend, Culver City held a public workshop regarding a proposed protected bike lane along Washington between Wesley Street and Ince Boulevard.  These types of bike lanes are segregated from automobile traffic through the use of a physical barrier, such as a curb, parked cars or bollards.

The concept has already been successfully implemented at several locations across Los Angeles County, including the San Fernando ValleyDowntown Los Angeles and Long Beach.

In Culver City, the proposed lanes would link a bustling stretch of Culver Boulevard with Helms District.  Both neighborhoods are currently witnessing an influx of new apartments, offices, shops and restaurants.


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L.A. Chinatown Firecracker Run & Bike Ride

Learn more and register at www.firecracker10k.org.

Ring in the Lunar New Year by riding or running, and celebrate the Year of the Rooster! For the past few years, we’ve partnered with the excellent Chinatown Firecracker Ride & Run by providing bike valet for the event. Also, for each participant who joins the LACBC Team when registering, $7 will be donated to LACBC!

38th Annual Chinatown Firecracker Ride & Run
When: Saturday, February 11, & Sunday, February 12, 2017
Where: Los Angeles Chinatown

The bike rides on Saturday, February 11th, include both an easy 20-mile ride and a more challenging (and more hilly) 30-mile ride. The runs on Sunday feature a 10K run and a 5K run/walk, plus a 1K kiddie run.


Draft – A People For Bikes Meetup

RSVP NOW >> https://pfcycl.es/2iQ0XcZ

DRAFT brings riders, brands, bike industry and policy makers together and gives them a venue for bike news and networking!
Join us for a fast paced hour of ideas, entrepreneurs, and bikes, capturing some of the exciting things happening for Los Angeles Bikes, Biz & Beer sponsored by Golden Road Brewing.

7:00 – 8:00 pm: Beer + Banter

8:00 – 9:00 pm: Program + Speakers

9:00 – 10:00 pm: More Beer + Banter!

Michelle Mowery – Sr. Project Coordinator with City of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s LA RiverWorks

Don Ward – Founder, Wolfpack Hustle

Dorothy Wong – Director SoCalCross PRESTIGE SERIES

Naomi Iwasaki – Director of Neighborhood Services at Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Great Streets Initiative.

Zwift Team Members – Indoor Cycling, Outdone.

DRAFT – A PeopleforBikes Meetup


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626 Golden Streets

​626 Golden Streets | 
Sunday March 5, 2017!

As many of you know the historic 626 Golden Streets event, originally scheduled for 6/26/16, had to be cancelled due to wildfires above the cities of Azusa, Duarte, and Irwindale.

We are very excited to report that after several months of planning a makeup date has been confirmed for Sunday March 5, 2017!  In addition to being a great way to start off 2017, this particular day just so happens to be the one-year anniversary of the Foothill Gold Line Extension grand opening!

Please save-the-new-date and stay tuned for updates here, as well as on the event Facebook pageInstagram and Twitter. Until then, we encourage you to walk, bike, roll and explore our beautiful region by Metro.

New Materials Have Advantages Over Carbon Fiber For Bike Frames

From Forbes.com

Several years ago, I T-boned a car at about 20 mph when it turned right into my path while I was riding my bike (pictured above). My titanium bike frame escaped unscathed while the front fork, handlebars, stem and seat post which were all made of carbon fiber had to be replaced – along with most of my teeth. Carbon fiber is fragile.

Carbon fiber has been the frame material of choice for over a decade because it has properties that are highly valued for frame construction. It’s very light which is important whenever you’re riding uphill and it can be aerodynamically sculpted which becomes more important the faster you go.

Carbon fiber is also valued because it can be manipulated to balance the stiffness and flexibility of a bike’s frame. Stiff frames don’t absorb much energy and are favored by competitive cyclists because they maximize the degree to which the power produced by the cyclist is transferred to the drive train that moves the bike forward. Compliant frames are flexible and can soak up energy so that less of the vibration from a rough road surface is transferred to the rider’s body.

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CicLAvia – Culver City Meets Venice March 26, 2017

CicLAvia catalyzes vibrant public spaces, active transportation and good health through car-free streets.


CicLAvia – Culver City Meets Venice presented by Metro

CicLAvia heads back to one of our fan-favorite routes for the first event of 2017! On March 26, Culver City, Mar Vista, and Venice will host the country’s largest open streets event! Streets will be closed to cars and open for cyclists, pedestrians, runners and skaters to use as a recreational space.

Notification Flyer Coming Soon!

New to CicLAvia? Here are some things you need to know for March 26:

  • CicLAvia is FREE!
  • CicLAvia lasts from 9 AM until 4 PM
  • CicLAvia closes streets to car traffic and opens them for people to walk, skate, bike, play, and explore parts of Los Angeles.
  • CicLAvia is not a race! There’s no starting point or finish line – begin where you like and enjoy the day your way.
  • CicLAvia traffic flows in two directions, just like regular traffic. Check out some more safety tips.

Questions or Concerns

General event information: please contact CicLAvia at 213.355.8500 or info@ciclavia.org

For concerns regarding the street closure permit, please reach out to the City of Los Angeles: 213.847.6000


Team LACBC returns for a fifth year to tackle hills and climate change on Climate Ride California Central Coast this June!

About Climate Ride California Central Coast Ride:

Climate Ride California Central Coast takes place from June 9th through June 13th, 2017, and brings together bright minds, breathtaking routes for all cycling abilities, and the unforgettable combination of passion and purpose. Over five days, you’ll ride 245 to 297 miles from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo, including Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur, and San Simeon.

On this charitable cycling event, you can choose ride in support of LACBC and raise funds to support climate, conservation, and active transportation.


About Team LACBC at Climate Ride:

The year 2017 will mark the 5th year of Team LACBC’s participation in Climate Ride. Team LACBC first formed in 2012 and has been the top fundraising team for the past four years. This year’s co-captains are Nora Hipolito and Wayne Howard. Read about our history here.

How It Works:

When you join Team LACBC and choose LACBC as your sole beneficiary, a portion of the money you raise will support LACBC’s work to make L.A. County a healthy, safe, and fun place to ride a bike. It is important to note that the only thing that is required of your participation on Team LACBC is that you select Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition as your SOLE beneficiary. This is because beneficiaries receive a percentage of the amount raised. After you finish registering, you are provided a personal fundraising page to begin collecting donations.

Each rider has to raise a minimum of $2,800. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry! We have lots of experience in this area and can help reach your fundraising goals. Climate Ride offers many tools that make raising money easier than you might think. LACBC also offers incentives to Team LACBC riders for reaching fundraising milestones, as well as incentives you can offer to the individuals and companies who contribute to your ride. Trust us, you can do it.


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