2017 Marathon Crash Ride – March 19

Wolfpack Hustle’s annual marathon crash ride has become a tradition. But in past years the ride has basically been illegal. This year the ride will be, if not sanctioned, at least tolerated by the city. That’s a big step up from last year, when officials threatened to arrest the ride’s organizer, Don Ward, aka Roadblock.

This year, Ward says, “It should be a lot safer than it has been in the past.”

But, as Ward cautions all those rogue cyclists out there, the event is most certainly not a “race.” Just a “ride.”

For years, the L.A. Marathon’s route was a loop. Before the footrace began, an official bike ride was held with corporate sponsorship and everything. But in 2009, the marathon route was changed to a straight shot from Dodger Stadium to the sea, and the bike ride was dropped for fear that thousands of cyclists wouldn’t be able to get their bikes home.

The LADP and the City of Los Angeles have invited folks back to ride the Marathon Course this year once again. We are here to relay info on safety and updates from the city.