December 2016

Open Road bike shop’s main attraction involves a giant carousel of clothes


Steve Lubanski appreciates the “wow factor” customers experience when they enter his newly relocated Open Road Bicycle Shop in Altadena.

He worked hard to achieve that reaction — when customers walk in they are greeted by uniform rows of shiny road bikes and mountain bikes, most of which are Italian-made Bianchis with a unique celeste color. Other bikes are displayed on risers throughout the shop, and bike frames are hung neatly above the enclosed work area where Lubanski spends much of his time.

But the star attraction of the new shop at 2605 Lake Ave. is the 45-foot-long clothing carousel that winds its way from the center of the sales floor up to the ceiling before making a sharp right turn and circling back down again.

“It came from a surplus place in Texas,” Lubanski said. “It’s a used dry cleaner’s carousel that’s been refurbished.”

The carousel’s unique upward trajectory was custom designed to fit the confines of his new 3,000-square-foot shop.

“It’s like a Tinker Toy, so you can kind of put the rods in different places,” Lubanski explained. “I gave them the measurements — the height of the ceiling, the distance between the joists and the length of the run.”

The carousel is stocked with 1,200 individual pieces of clothing, including men’s and women’s long- and short-sleeved jerseys, as well as shorts, jackets, windbreakers and thermal wear. And he’s still got 500 additional pieces of clothing in stock.

“We have the most clothes of any bike shop in the nation, without a doubt,” he said.


And the best part? Customers who eye a shirt or jacket they like get to activate the carousel and watch it bring the item down. Lubanski explains it this way:

“This is one of the primal urges of the American male between the age of 30 and 60 — to go and push the button,” he said. “They never got to as a kid but when you come in here you get to push the button. And your children can come push the button … and your grandchildren can push the button.”

Lubanski figures his shop is in a prime spot because McDonald’s had been considering that location for a restaurant, although the company later backed out when it learned it would not be able to include a drive-through.


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Rubber Side Down featuring Danny Summerhill

Danny isn’t your typical Type A professional road cyclist, with his love for cereal, tequila and downhill speed, he provides an entertaining and honest insight into what makes him tick both on and off the bike. If you haven’t seen it yet, also check out our July 2016 issue where we take a closer look at Danny’s Parlee Chebacco cyclocross bike. Thanks to Maxxis for making the video available.


Holiday Bike Ride with Walk Bike Glendale & LACBC Family Sunday

There are a couple of trends that seem to be popping and I’m glad they’re on the rise:

Holiday and family rides.

You could probably throw any word in front of “ride” and I’d be for it, but these two are strong this time of year.

LACBC Family is partnering with Walk Bike Glendale this year for their 6th Annual Holiday Ride this Sunday and this should be a fun time for all.

First of all….lights!

Unless we’re talking electric billboards, who doesn’t love them?

The question is do you like them more on houses or bicycles.

That’ll be moot too because you’ll be getting both, so if you’re rolling don’t forget to accessorize your bike.

The other great part is that this is a great ride to bring your kids along.

All you have to do is use a simple formula:

kids + lights + bikes = 3x(fun)

It’s a six mile route, so if your child is just getting into cycling, then you might want to put them in a seat or use a “tag-along” and of course, if you’re under 18, bring a helmet.

If you want to learn more about the family friendliness of the ride, check out this interview with Walk Bike Glendale’s Chair Steven Nancarrow.

Another feature if you’re unfamiliar with the area is that we’ll be rolling through the Rossmoyne District which will have a number of fully decorated homes as well as some classically 1920’s styled architecture.

Because Glendale squeezes in and around a number of hills and mountains, most outsiders wouldn’t guess that this is LA County’s third largest city, let alone having a number of distinctive, articulated neighborhoods.


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Velo Allegro teams up with the YMCA to give over 130 Bicycles to 3rd graders

Once again this year our local bike club, Velo Allegro, working with the YMCA is giving 130 3rd graders from low-income families in Long Beach bikes just in time for Christmas.

On Friday night over 75 members of Velo Allegro along with their families and kids from the YMCA got together to build the bikes. In just over 2 hours the group built over 130 bikes.

Check out the photos from the bike build.…/Bikes-for-kids120…/i-dkCjpzC

At an assembly later today the kids will find out they are all getting bikes. Watch this space for a video showing the kids reaction. And find out what you can to to help with next years program.

Happy Holidays….and happy biking.

UPS Launches E-Bike Delivery Service in Portland

Reducing carbon emissions is high on UPS’s list of 2017 new-year resolutions


The United Parcel Service has been delivering our awkwardly wrapped priority mail by car and truck for more than 100 years, and its big brown vehicles have since become iconic. But that’s not to say that the international delivery service is stuck in its ways: UPS has been expanding its definition of “motor vehicle” since 2012, when it began beta-testing an e-bike delivery service in 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. And as of November 21st, the company has been using the service stateside with an e-bike in bike-progressive Portland, Oregon.


Portland, the unofficial bike capital of the US, was chosen to launch the new UPS service because the company already completes some seasonal deliveries via bike in the city, so the program won’t shock residents—especially drivers and riders.


UPS’s delivery e-bike isn’t your run-of-the-mill cargo bike. These vehicle takes heavy hauling to a new level: Built by local Portland company Truck Trikes, the steel e-bike is composed of a front-wheel drive front end, a massive brown container box with two wheels, and a funky windshield/roof for all-weather protection. Not only can the e-bike support up to 600 pounds, but it will help UPS offset carbon emissions and take up less space on the road.


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Nor Cal vs. So Cal State Cross Championship

Sambarn Promotions, the promotion crew from Bakersfield CA, is proud to re-launch the showdown of the year for California riders, North vs South in a regional battle of cyclocross awesomeness. The Nor Cal vs So Cal State Cross Championships takes place December 17th and 18th.

The event was born 7 years ago after literally decades of contemplation. Sam Ames, longtime cross racer and partner in Sambarn, was a frequent traveler to Nor Cal back in the jungle cross days. As So Cal cross grew into its own, he always wanted to create a full state-wide champs and make it fun with a regional bragging rights overall competition.

The format is simple: over two days of racing, riders score points for their respective region in each of the offered categories and the region with the highest points wins the homemade, newly created trophy plaque and bragging rights for the year. In addition, riders are also competing for individual titles in all categories with the “Bear of Cali” champion jerseys awarded. The prize list is impressive at over $4000 in cash and merchandise.

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Draft LA Meetup January 19th, 2017

Join us at Pure Cycles HQ for a night of Bikes + Beer + Biz.

4 Speakers will lead a fast paced hour of ideas centered on bike biz, tech, community, events & advocacy – capturing some of the exciting things happening in the Los Angeles bicycle community!
This month Golden Road Brewing is sponsoring our beer, so come thirsty!


7:00 – 7:30 pm: Beer + Banter
7:30 – 9:30 pm: Program + Speakers





Have a bike-related event or new product you want people to know about? Pitch it to the audience. You can apply to speak here:

British cyclists are some of fastest in the world, 2016 Strava stats reveal



Year-end statistics produced by social network for athletes Strava give insight into what its average user has achieved in 2016. How do you compare?

Year-end statistics published by Strava have revealed that British cyclists are some of the fastest in the world.

A total of 161 million bike rides were uploaded to the ‘social network for athletes‘ in 2016, 27.4 million of which originated form the UK, giving a vast pool of data.

Strava has calculated the average speed for each nation, with British male riders producing the second-fastest average speed behind riders in the Netherlands. Dutch riders have a slight advantage given the flatter terrain, and clocked an average speed of 26.92kmh (16.72mph) to UK riders’ 25.61kmh (15.9mph).

That puts the Netherlands and UK riders ahead of cyclists from France, USA, Germany and Spain.

British female riders were sixth on the table of global average speeds, with 19.84kmh (12.32mph).

In terms of distance, British male cyclists recorded an average ride distance of 41km (25.47 miles), with women posting an average of 34km (21.1 miles).

The fastest place in the UK was Ards in Northern Ireland, with riders averaging 25.4kmh (15.78mph) for men and women together.

The British location producing the hilliest rides was Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, with an average of 645 metres (2116 feet) of climbing logged per ride.


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2nd Annual Clean Up Mulholland with Phil Gaimon

For the second year in a row, Phil is teaming up with LACBC to clean up Mulholland.

Last year was a lot of fun with a ready to crew of volunteers who ranged from competitive cyclists to people who had nothing to do with bikes, they just wanted to clean.

We’ll be set up further west this year at the Nancy Hoover Pohl Overlook (8401 Mulholland Drive) where not only will we clean up Mulholland, but also the Betty Dearing Trail which is popular for mountain bikers.

If you want a join, we’ll be meeting there at 9:30am, or if you want to ride with us, we’ll be leaving from the Universal City Metro Station at 8:30am.

We’ll be providing cleaning materials, but if you’re riding up, a lock and a change of shoes would be a good idea.

Afterwards, we’ll be heading to Sweet Salt for brunch and free cookies (it’ll probably be a good idea to wash your hands there).

Just to let you know, this isn’t a photo op for Phil.

He really wants to clean.

Last year, he disappeared for twenty minutes only to emerge from the hillside with a bag full of trash only to grab an empty one and get back at it.

So if you want to clean up Mulholland just as hard as Phil does KOMs, sign up on the LACBC or Facebook page for this Saturday.

Amazing riding skills on show at the UCI Indoor Championships in “ballet-on-bikes” artistic cycling and fast and furious cycle-ball

The UCI Indoor Championships took place over the weekend, at the Porsche arena in Stuttgart, Germany, with German, Austrian, Slovakian and Swiss riders dominating the medals table.


Indoor cycling comprises single, doubles and teams artistic cycling, as well as cycle-ball, a kind of football played with two player teams on adapted bikes, where the front wheel is used to hit the ball, often while riders pull one-handed wheelies.


Switzerland became the women’s team artistic cycling world champions, in the four rider event.


Germany’s Lukas Kohl beat the defending men’s singles artistic cycling champion, and compatriot, Michael Niedermeier 199.43 points to 192. German Sisters Julia and Nadja Thurmer beat compatriots (and also sisters) Lena and Lisa Bringsken to gold in the artistic cycling pairs competition. Interestingly, the men’s artistic cycling pairs World Champions, Andre and Benedikt Bugner, are also siblings. And German.


German Lisa Hattemer is the new World Champion in the women’s single artistic cycling event. She said: “You train so long for this. It’s unbelievable that I’ve now won the title.”