November 2015

Cyclocross can produce some rather slippery conditions.

Cyclocross is a great, silly sport primarily practiced by lowland Europeans like the Belgians and the Dutch. Designed as a seasonal alternative to road cycling, it is a great excuse for fans to eat frites and hand up beers to the riders. It’s like a combination between cycling and mud wrestling, and because of the varied terrain, it produces the best crashes in cycling.

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It sure is nice being able to ride year-round in Southern California.

For our neighbors to the north, riding in Winter can present some chilly challenges.

Thousands of Canadians cycle in the summer, and cities like Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and even Yellowknife and Whitehorse, with tiny populations in comparison, are continually adding more bike infrastructure.

But when temperatures fall below 0 C, most people trade their bike for a transit pass or car.

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More Than Stories – Golden Saddle

Here’s a really nice feature video of local independent bike shop Golden Saddle.

Some Training Motivation for The Winter Months

Here are some great insights from regarding the benefits of keeping a regular cycling regime.

Enjoy Your Commute
If you want to ride every day but are strapped for time, one of the most logical ways to fit it into your schedule is making it part of your commute. “Cycling can be easily integrated into daily life, unlike gym workouts,” says Nick Cavill, a public health consultant and director of Cycling England, a project promoting cycling’s benefits in the UK.

Be Mentally Sharper
Once you’re in the habit of getting to work by bike, you’ll be better prepared for what comes next. Daily exercise has been found to increase energy and reduce fatigue. Even a single 30-minute bout of exercise can improve reaction time, memory, and creative thinking.

Have Better Sex—Or At Least Think You Do
All that newfound mental health could result in newfound confidence—which may or may not be a good thing. Men who exercise six or seven days per week have been found to self-report their sexual desirability as above average, or much above average. (Women also reported increases, but not as drastic.)

Offset Overeating
Plus, you can eat whatever you want and maintain your weight—sort of. The old trope about hard workouts making it okay to grab an extra donut is viable, though you probably shouldn’t nosh on junk food constantly. In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Bath, two groups of men massively overate—but only one group exercised daily. Despite consuming the same surplus amount of calories, after taking into account what was burned off with exercise, the group that worked out daily managed to offset the ill effects of overeating, like blood sugar spikes and unhealthy metabolic changes.

Live Longer
But your daily rides do more than make you healthier and happier: They also extend the amount of time you have to feel that way, even if you’re already creeping up in years. A large study in Norway that followed a group of elderly men in their 70s and 80s found that just 30 minutes of exercise per day resulted in those men living up to five years longer, compared to men who didn’t do any physical activity.

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Cycling Innovation from Look

Cable management on the 795 keeps everything out of the wind and cheats “father time” in every way possible. The 795 promises to shave time off of everything else on the road. The front brake is integrated into the fork and the brake cable runs through the stem and into the steerer tube. No other bike does this. Look is a remarkable company in that they completely control all of their own materials and production (this frame made in Tunisia). This control has enabled them to move much further down the road with design/produce/release cycle than other brands. By this time in the game, Look have a seatpost system, crank system and stem system that have been tested and all the kinks worked out. Between the 695 Aero and the 795 they have already made improvements to the rear braking. Stiffer chain stays and a move to the Shimano direct mount system and they have a new version of the epost that has an aero shape, is a good deal lighter, and can be locked down or removed with a simple allen key.

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A Great Day For Bikes: U.S. House of Representatives passes Transportation Bill

On November 5, 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bipartisan Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act, a new multi-year transportation authorization bill, by a vote of 363-64. In other words, we are one step closer to a six-year transportation bill.

What does this have to do with bicycling? Basically it means roughly 2,300 projects to the tune of $820 million in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

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Cyclocross Season is in full swing, here’s a review of the Cannonade SuperX 105

The ultimate race weapon for those who live to battle it out in the mud, the sand and the glorious frozen grime of cyclocross.

With a combined weight of less 1500 grams, the SuperX’s frame and fork together weigh less than many competitors frames alone.

Our High-Strength, High-Impact carbon construction, BallisTec ends the traditional connection between ultra-light carbon frames and fragility. An interconnected network of stiffening fibers distributes loads more evenly throughout the frame and enhancing stiffness and ride feel.

The chain stays and seat stays on the SuperX feature our trademark SPEED SAVE technology. Flattened cross-sections and sophisticated carbon layup allows the SPEED SAVE features to act like a micro-suspension system, deflecting vertically to absorb trail shock and vibration, while staying extremely rigid laterally for power transfer and confident cornering.

The tapered, oversized head tube houses a 1-1/8″ to 1-1/4″ tapered carbon steerer fork for the best blend of lateral and torsional rigidity and light weight.

SuperX features the superior all-weather power and modulation of disc brakes. In addition to providing great braking and tons of mud clearance, they also allow our frame designers to engineer in more compliance in the rear stays.

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10th Edition of Feel My Legs, I’m a Racer – Sunday, November 8th

10 hills
10 stages
10th year

No entry fee, no prizes, no attitudes.
No cars, motorcycles, scooters or any motorized vehicles along course for spectators, support or any reason. Everyone welcome on bike- you don’t need to race and the event is very spectator friendly.


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You don’t have to travel to Europe to experience world class climbs.

Compiling a list of top five climbs is kind of like asking people what their favourite song is. There are just too many good choices with their own characteristics, attributes and even flaws that make it difficult to stuff them into neat rankings. So Cycling News went straight to the experts to get a sense of what the current crop of racers think about some of the best-known ascents they’ve raced up on their way to the WorldTour. Cycling News surveyed a small group of riders who have recently found success in North America, asking them to share their lists with us and briefly explain their choices.

Here’s a brief sampling:

Gibraltar Road Climb – Tour of California, Santa Barbara County, California

Mt. Baldy – Tour of California, San Bernadino County, California

Oak Glen – Redlands Bicycle Classic, Oak Glen, California

Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird – Tour of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Manayaunk Wall – Philly Cycling Classic, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Cycle California’s Central Coast at the Giro Della Costa Centrale – Nov 15

If you are looking for one more big ride before El Niño sets in, than this may be the ride for you.

The Inaugural Giro Della Costa Centrale with 600 cyclists SOLD OUT! The 2nd Giro Della Costa Centrale will sport all new routes, our incredibly beautiful Central Coast scenery that includes coastal and vineyard views, challenging climbs, and everything classic Italian from food, music and wine at the Festivale Italiano. The rides benefit Hearst Cancer Resource Center at French Hospital Medical Center and Alpha Pregnancy and Parenting Support.

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