October 2015

Fancy New Bike Tech: The Recon Jet

The future is now. Check out the latest feature-packed eyewear from Recon.

Jet’s display is equivalent to a 30” screen viewed from 7 feet (2 m) away. It’s crisp and vibrant in all lighting conditions—and thanks to our patented Glance Detection technology, it wakes up instantly when you glance down, then turns off again when you look away, minimizing distractions and maximizing power efficiency.

Jet’s camera captures photos and video instantly with a double tap. And because Jet’s display doubles as a viewfinder, you’ll always frame your shot perfectly.

Jet’s smartphone-class processor backs an onboard GPS and a comprehensive sensor suite: accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, barometer, and magnetometer. Need more? Jet features ANT+, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0), and Wi-Fi connectivity. And it even pairs with your smartphone to get caller ID, SMS notifications, and access to social media.

Jet’s battery snaps on opposite the engine for optimal weight balance. It’s also swappable, so Jet can always go as far as you can.

No matter the weather, interacting with Jet is a breeze. Just swipe and click. Wearing gloves? No problem.

More than just groundbreaking technology, Jet is also true performance eyewear. Highly adjustable ear stems and nosepieces help Jet conform to any user, and four interchangeable lens options have been impact-tested and provide full UVA and UVB protection. Jet’s polarized lenses also cut out glare for maximum visual clarity.

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Some strange things that happen to your body while riding.

There are many benefits to cycling. Cycling is good for your heart, your muscles, waistline, lifespan, mental health and even your immune system. However, some weird things can happen to your body while cycling.

Racer Cough: You cross the line of a crit or cyclocross race and walk around with a nagging cough for several minutes afterward. Blame bronchoconstriction: It’s similar to what happens in people with asthma, but it can happen to anyone.

Metallic Taste: You’re hammering up the final roller to the town line sprint and you taste blood in the back of your throat.

Runny Nose: Your nasal passages get irritated and mucus production ensues. Interestingly, some scientists believe that air pollution, particularly the nitrogen dioxide found in car exhaust, is a big trigger—which explains why you may find yourself dripping like a faucet when you bike outside, but not during spin class.

You need a bathroom… NOW: The sudden, urgent need to poop is more common in runners because of the inner jarring mechanics involved in running, but cyclists are not immune—especially on long rides where we’re throwing back a lot of sugary foods and there’s not a lot of blood flow through the gut to manage digestion.

Tingly fingers: Your hands play a pretty important role in controlling your bike. So it can be disconcerting when your hands start tingling—or worse, when they go numb.

Mad itching: Three minutes into a ride, your thighs start itching like crazy. In some cases it’s just dry skin or a natural response to warming up as your capillaries and arteries rapidly expand and stimulate nearby nerves.

Brain fog: You wrap up a hard metric century and can’t figure out where you parked the car… or what your car looks like… or whether you even drove there in the first place.

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California Cycling: Wine Country

If you haven’t experienced the roads of Northern California on your bike, you owe it to yourself. Some of the most beautiful and scenic routes are located in the northern portion of the state. Local former pro Levi Leiphemier (a resident of Santa Rosa) provides a run down of some local routes.

Check out the routes here

Don’t Salmon! Cycling on the wrong side of the road.

The number one reason why bicyclists cause accidents is because they’re riding on the wrong side of the road.

Colin Bogart from the L.A. County Bike Coalition has a theory why that happens: It’s the way people were once taught.

“A lot of people are very frightened about being hit from behind,” he says. “I think that’s a big reason why a lot of people ride the wrong way in traffic.”

Bicycle accident statistics

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Save The Date: CicLavia – The Valley, Sunday March 6, 2016

Now in it’s fifth year, Ciclavia has been a great success, also, it’s FREE! It’s not a race and you don’t need a bike to participate. You can walk or skate to your heart’s content. There’s no beginning or end. You can start anywhere and go as far or as short as you want. The flow of participants goes both ways, just like regular traffic.

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Bicycle Maps for Los Angeles

LADOT has provided downloadable bicycle maps for the entire city of Los Angeles.  You can also simply view the paths online, click here.


Daylight’s Burning: Bike Lights

With the time change just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about lighting up your ride.  To both see and be seen.  Over the past few years, the market has been flooded with an abundance of small, lightweight and inexpensive LED flashers/strobes. The lights are simple to use and clip onto your handlebars or helmet in seconds.Here’s a good list of 4 very powerful LED bike lights.

View the list here

10+ Really Cool Cycling Gadgets

With Christmas displays already up at The Home Depot, perhaps it is time to consider stocking stuffers and gifts for those avid cyclists in your life. Here is a great list of new cycling technology for your cycling loved ones.

The Bikepod by Photojojo. Did you ever think that your bike’s handlebars could be an amazing tripod? With this awesome bikepod from Photojojo, now you can shoot videos and take pictures as you ride along. [$25 – $30]

FIXA Bike Shelf by Chrome. If you’re an avid cyclist who is looking for a good way to store your bike, then this bike shelf is just perfect. You can even put your necessities (keys, wallet) on the top shelf. [$400]

LA FLÈCHE Handlebars. This vintage bike accessory will add a touch of personality to your bike. Made with wood, aluminum, and brass, it not only looks classic but would last forever. [$140]

Bike Frame Storage by Yeongkeun Jeong. This handy attachment transforms the main triangle of the bike frame to help store your belongings. Even better, the flexibility of the band allows it to mold into the shape of your storage.

Bluetooth Bike Speaker by SleekSpeak. These speakers were made for cyclists who love music. Combine two of your favourite things into one, and listen to your tunes on the go. Just put them anywhere on your bike and then connect it to your phone using Bluetooth. [$69]

The InCog Biketool by Joshua Brassé. This bike multitool with stylish finishing is made to be hidden in the handlebar. Best of all, it’s designed to fit almost any type of handlebar. [$60]

Bike Umbrella by Uberhood. With the tagline “Be cool, Stay dry, Keep riding!”, this umbrella will do just that. It may look a little funny, but this umbrella for bicycles will shield you from rain or sun. [$59]

Foldnfix Mudguard by Full Windsor. This quick fix mudguard can be clipped on or taken off with ease. It protects the rider from dirt or raindrops. The fenders are available in black, red, blue, or yellow to fit your bicycle perfectly. [£13.49]

Quad Lock iPhone Bike Mount Kit. It’s the lightest and strongest iPhone bike mount on the market. Now, you don’t have to worry about where to put your iPhone when you’re going on your trip. Just don’t touch it on the go, keep your eyes on the road, and cycle safe! [$64]

6 PACK BIKE BAG by DONKEY. Keep your bottles silent and protected on the way home from the store with this awesome 6 pack bike bag. [€39.95]

Disco Ball Bike Helmet by Natalie Walsh. With this disco ball inspired helmet, you can turn each bike ride into a super groovy event.

Bicycle Can Cage. This bicycle can cage will keep your beverage safe while riding, so you can quench your thirst anywhere and anytime. [$72]

Num Lock by Dong Young Seo, Ho Sun Kim & Yea Jin Kang. This is a really cool locking system where the bike itself becomes the lock. With this attachment, you can leave your ride on the street without the fear of it being stolen.

Bicycle Mounted Bottle Opener by Duo Chromoly. The Road Popper can pop the cap off your beverage anytime, even while you’re cruising on your bike. The design attaches directly to the rails on the underside of the saddle to help keep your bicycle looking crisp. [$38.58 – $42]

Bike Planters. Both bike riding and planting a garden are eco-friendly. With these awesome bike planters, you can now plant your favourite flowers on the go! [$45]

Helmet Hero Wide Camera by GoPro. GoPro Hero3 is a new flagship that houses the GoPro Hero3 (+ Black Edition). It is 20% smaller than its predecessor, and the battery life has been increased by 30%. [$399.99]

PUBLIC Bell. One more cool bike bell in this collection! This bell is available in different candy color schemes such as pink, blue, orange, and more. [$10]

Grip Rings. Here’s another fun way to make your precious bicycle more personal. These colored grip rings are available in various colors, which can be mixed and matched to create unique custom combinations. Each set has 7 rings that are secured with a locking bar-end plug. [$32]


Read more here > http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/more-gadgets-for-cyclist/

Looking for a ride this Sunday? How about CicLAvia – Heart of LA

CicLAvia – Heart of LA will celebrate what has become a Los Angeles institution on October 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. with a fifth-year anniversary route. CicLAvia began as an idea with an uncertain outcome when it first removed cars from the streets of downtown Los Angeles on October 10, 2010. Now, five years, fourteen events and hundreds of thousands of participants later, CicLAvia is the largest open streets event in North America.

Heart of LA will have six miles for participants to explore by bike, foot, skateboard, wheelchair and other non-motorized traffic. The route will take people through Boyle Heights, the Arts District, Little Tokyo, Civic Center, Chinatown, Historic Core and as far west as Macarthur Park.

New to CicLAvia? Here are four things you need to know for October 18:

It’s FREE!
It’s not a race and you don’t need a bike to participate. You can walk or skate to your heart’s content.
There’s no beginning or end. You can start anywhere and go as far or as short as you want.
The flow of participants goes both ways, just like regular traffic.


Indoor Training with Zwift

With winter approaching, many riders head for their indoor trainers. Although there are many different approaches to indoor training, one of the latest is Zwift which aims to ‘gamify’ the indoor training process. Now you can ride with anyone at anytime. Packed with real-time stats, stunning lifelike graphics, and the latest in massive multiplayer online gaming, Zwift has kicked up the indoor cycling experience.

Zwift co-founder Eric Min is a serious cyclist himself, known in cycling circles for sponsoring major teams. He recently left the high-speed trading company he co-founded and was considering what new business to start. He also was wondering why the experience of indoor riding hadn’t improved much in years.

So Min settled on a simple goal: make indoor cycling better. A massive, online world – usually a videogame realm for dragons and wizards – could do the trick, he thought.

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