13 New Road Bikes for 2017

From Bicycling.com

From the cheap to the expensive, these 13 road bikes all have something to offer for cyclists looking to upgrade in 2017


Lightweight Urgestalt

Lightweight has expanded its roster of products beyond expensive wheelsets to include expensive framesets. The Urgestalt frame is designed to be stiff and light foremost (790g claimed weight for a 54cm frame; 310g for the fork), with no aerodynamic treatments. The geometry is race-oriented with short chainstays, long reach, and short stack. The frame is offered in six sizes (48, 51, 54, 56, 58, and 60cm) and is electronic and mechanical shift compatible.

Unlike Lightweight’s wheels, which are made in Germany, the Urgestalt is made overseas. The company recently dropped its USA prices, so the black frameset (frame, fork, post, and headset) sells for $5,500 (but was $6,500), and the Weiss Edition (which is the same frame, but with white “Duraflon” coating) is now $6,000 (originally $7,000). The Urgestalt disc frame—coming late spring 2017—will start at $6,000 for the frame kit (frame, fork, and headset but no post).


Colnago CLX

Though the $5,900 (frameset-only) Italian-made C60 gets most of the love, Colnago’s mid-range bikes shouldn’t be overlooked. The new CLX uses a Taiwan-made monocoque carbon fiber frame, which Colnago representatives claim weighs less than 890g: That’s less than Colnago’s C60 (the claimed weight of a painted 52cm is 1,050g).

The CLX is lighter and costs less as a complete bike than just the C60 frameset. Built with full Ultegra mechanical (down to the cassette and chain), the CLX sells for $3,500 with Shimano RS11 wheels, and $3,700 with Fulcrum Racing Quattro wheels. The CLX uses Colnago’s ThreadFit 82.5 bottom bracket (which aims to combine the best benefits of a threaded and press-fit BB), is electronic and mechanical shift compatible, and is offered in eight sizes and four colors.



Look 765 Disc

Look’s 765 Disc is the company’s first disc-brake equipped road bike. The model is in the endurance style, with both a shorter reach and taller stack, and more relaxed handling due to longer chainstays (410mm) and longer trail (64.6 or 64.8mm, depending on size). The frame is primarily a carbon-fiber composite; however it has an additional layer of flax linen in the fork and chainstays, which, Look representatives claim, damps vibrations for a smoother ride. The frame features thru axles front and rear, Flat Mount brake calipers, a PressFit 30 bottom bracket shell, and is electronic and mechanical shift compatible.

The claimed frame weight is 1,100g for the frame, with a 350g fork. Three builds are available: Shimano Ultegra mechanical for $3,800, Shimano 105 for $3,000, and a SRAM Apex 1 flat bar build for $2,500. Five sizes and three colors are offered.


Basso Diamante SV

There’s a dirty secret about the “Made in Italy” sticker on some carbon frames: Due to some loopholes in Italian law, the frames are not actually “made” in Italy the way a normal person would define it. Basso’s carbon fiber frames, however, are made at Basso’s facilities in Italy, alongside the composite parts the company makes for motorsports racing teams on Formula 1, Moto GP, and World Rally Championship circuits. The Diamante SV (Super Veloce) is the brand’s top-of-the-line frame. It’s in the aero-road-style frame, with a claimed weight of 820g before paint.

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