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Bicycle Accident Assistant App

Collecting the right information at the scene of your accident is crucial to insure that you are justly compensated for your injuries.


Bicycle Accident Assistant will help you if you are ever involved in an accident while riding your bike.

Use your camera, fill in forms, leave a message on our voicemail service, use voice notes to gather all the information you need.


It's free and very easy to use.

Download for iPhone Here

Download for Android Here 


It won't save your life, but will help you get your life back after an accident!

Have You Been Hurt While Riding?

Accidents Happen For All Kinds of Reasons:

-Unsafe Road Conditions

-Dog Attack

-Faulty Equipment

-Vehicle Caused Accident

If you have been hurt while riding your bike we can help get your bike fixed, medical bills covered, and get your life back.
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Do Not Accept The Insurance Settlement!

The insurance companies hire professional negotiators to ensure that they pay you as little as possible. They are not looking out for your interests.

They are trying to save money at your expense.

It is very important that you be advised by a bicycle attorney about the true value of your case.

Contact us for a free case evaluation.

Were You Really At Fault?

The laws regulating bicycling can be complex and confusing.
Most people, including many police officers, aren't aware of the laws regulating bicycles. It is common to automatically assign blame to the cyclist. It takes a specialist to make that determination.

Tom has personally won settlements for many clients that were initially blamed for the accident.

Don't assume you are at fault. Contact us to see if you have a claim.

Once you hire us to handle your case this is what you can expect. Details about what to expect, what we will need from you, how long until you will get your bike fixed and how long until your claim will be settled and you will receive your money.

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